A movie Maria Candelaria

Choose a scene in María Candelaría, and analyze how cinematic techniques such as angles, shots, sound, etc. help to create your understanding of an important dimension of the film (characters or above elucidated themes).

Sample Solution

authority over others is considered as a manager. This position does not relate to leadership as it requires more skills. Leaders have to set a tone for the organisation, show respect and include everyone. They have to also be inspiring and know that they are judged by their actions. They will also receive criticism if they make tough, but unpopular decisions.

External factors that influence employee behaviour can be wide ranging and uncontrollable. How the employee responds to these factors will vary. For example, the election of new governments can cause extreme anger for some whilst it can cause joy for another side.

To help business owners assess these external factors, there is the PESTLE analysis which stands for political, economic, social, technological, legal and environment. This should give the business owners a good view of political factors, that include government, trade and tax policies that can affect employees, economic factors, such as supply and demand, social factors which can be influenced by trends and cultural changes. Technological factors, which include changes made by new tech. Environmental factors which can cover ecological and environmental issues that employees may face and legal factors, which require looking through everything from health and safety requirements to labour and consumer protections.

P3: Evaluate measures that can be taken to minimise negative impacts of change on organisational behaviour.

Change in an organisation can affect very important parts of your business like your employee. Losing them is mainly due to recruitment costs and time involved to get an employee into your business. Every time an employee leaves a business, important knowledge also leaves with them.

A change management plan supports smooth transitions between changes and can ensure your employees are happy with them. Approximately 70% of change initiatives fail because of the negative employee attitudes and bad management behaviours. Using professional change management can help you reduces failing to create change in your business.