Abraham Lincoln

Write a 400 word (body of the paper) topic proposal on Abraham Lincoln paying special attention to the factors contributing to his leadership success.

Sample Answer

History of great leaders to ever grace this planet cannot be complete without the mentioning of Abraham Lincoln. Throughout his lifetime, he has a wide range of different accomplishments that has affected thousands of people in various ways.  The personality traits and qualities that Lincoln held led him to become an effective leader. Not


The goal of this paper is to break down the presence of Gandhian words in India. In the novel 'The white Tiger' Aravind Adiga picturises the non presence of gandhian words in India. Fixes, Slavery, Prostitution are a portion of the indecencies picturised in this novel. This paper contrasts society and the novel.


Aravind Adiga depicts the Social aloofness i.e., rich and poor, which is still followed in India. Eventhough India is noted for seculadr and Democracy, the people groups still conceal their character to get business and for economic wellbeing. The author picks an alternate style of composing that is a character portraying his history to the next one.

Strict In distinction:

India is noted for mainstream nation. In this nation, individuals can lead their existence with no strict and station in contrast. The present circumstance of India is picturised in the novel 'The White Tiger'. The character Ram Persad shrouds himself as a Hindu for business. As a matter of fact he was a Muslim. The act of Untouchability is enrolled in this novel. The Character Mr. Ashok laments when he taps Balram, on the grounds that he is a specialist and had a place with other network. Indeed, even now the specific individuals of this nation can't minglewith each other for a service.


The most sin in India is Brribery. As indicated by Law, Giving and Receiving reward is offense. The Character Mr. Ashok and his family are prepared to reward the administration pastors for their business with no blameworthy. 'We are driving past Gandhi, after simply having given an influence to a pastor.' Through this character the author enrolls the more regrettable state of this nation.

'Gift is to conflict with law in outside nation yet if there should be an occurrence of India Bribery is given to perform the responsibility.' Even to recoup the dead cadaver renumeration is given by their family members.


As indicated by Adiga, the worker in India will stay similarly situated for age. The landowners of this nation won't their worker to come up in their life. Be that as it may, in the event that it is in outside nation, they offer approach to improve the life of their laborers and they treat them as individual person. The group of Balram stays as a hireling for age when they utilize in their town. They were treated as slaves with no regard. Yet, when Balram begins his taxi business to American re-appropriating organization in Banglore, they treat him as a fellowmen. They won't think about the network and religion of Balram.

Mafia Bosses:

Mafia Bosses are the individuals who need empathetic despite the fact that they are rich. The writer remarks them with bestial name as descriptive word since they carry on like a creature. The descriptive words are The Stork, Wild Boar, Raven and Buffalo.


One of the approaches of Gandhiji isn't pestering anybody and lean towards vegan. The character Balram sparkles in the wake of killing his supervisor Mr. Ashok to have a superior existence. Executing of creatures is conflicting with Gandhiji, however here he slaughters a human. It shows how far we are from the expressions of Gandhi. To make due in this world individuals are prepared to end the life of others. It shows the critical state of this human culture.

Youth maintain a strategic distance from towns:

As indicated by Gandhi Village is the Backbone of India. In any case, presently youth are abandoning towns and they need to settle in metropolitan city and they never demonstrate enthusiasm to come back to their old neighborhood at any expense. The character Balram speaks to the young people of deserting towns, guardians and family members. It results to the expansion of mature age haven in this nation.

Cash disapproved of individuals:

The character Balram remunerate when his driver murdered an infant in a mishap however he isn't prepared to see his family members. He offers petition for their spirits to remain harmony. He is prepared to contribute cash on the off chance that he gets benefit or in business however he isn't prepared to save cash for his folks and family members. The character is a case of cash disapproved of individuals.


As indicated by Adiga, Polygamy is rehearsed still in India. To enlist this in his novel, the character Mr. Mukesh powers his sibling Mr. Ashok to wed second time to proceed with his family glory, after he was disregarded by his significant other Pinky Madam to Newyork city.

Denied Education:

Instruction turns into an effective business in India. This part is treated as a brilliant egg laid duck by the businesspeople. Training was denied to poor kids on account of privatization. Accordingly, the character like Balram lost his instruction and turns into a killer. Assume Education was offered to him, he might be an aware individual in of his insight. So denied Education is conflicting with Gandhiji words.

Prostitution in Capital:

Delhi is a capital of India yet prostitution is rehearsed in certain parts. One of the way of life of India is to give most extreme regard to ladies society and Gandhi additionally demand his adherents to regard ladies society however now the condition wins in this nation is a remorseful. The nation is going to deteriorate our significant culture. In the event that it isn't checked as of now, the character like Balram might be initiated to conflict with culture and custom of this nation.


Adiga critises this nation and the way of life of the individuals. By portraying the present circumstance to the Premier of China, he needs the Indians to realize that the general public is going in a perilous manner. So the author cautions the peruser to lead an existence without badgering others. It is conceivable just on the off chance that we follow the expressions of Gandhiji.