Advance Patient cares

Define patient compliance and explain its importance in your field.
Identify the health care professionals' role in compliance and give examples of ways in which the health care professional may actually contribute to noncompliance.
Compare compliance and collaboration.
Compare and contrast patient education in the past with that practiced today.
Explain the importance of professional commitment in developing patient education as a clinical skill.
Explain the three categories of learning and how they can be used in patient education.
List three problems that may arise in patient education and how they would be solved?
List some methods of documentation of patient education.

Sample Answer

Advanced patient care is a series of combined highly skilled and technical measures put in place to care for and monitor a patient of high-risk medical condition. It involves the determined input of both the patient and the medical experts. Among other things, it’s in the domain of this paper to highlight components of a situation that meets the threshold of an advanced patient care. These include patient compliance, patient education, the role of healthcare professional in patient compliance and documentation of the progress made in the process of patient care. The highlighted aspects above are further conversed into details.


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