Aftermath of Industralisation in U.S

How was the political and economic power of different social classes reorganized? Were there new political parties that emerged or legislation that was passed to reflect changes in the working class? What other new institutions, labor organizations or welfare societies, emerged in this period as a result of industrialization?

Sample Answer

Industrialization was a stage of economic and social change that transformed humanity from being agrarian in nature to an industrial society where machines were widely used in production, and that which involved the extensive re-organization of an economy for the purpose of production. Industrialization impacted the politics of the United States of America since people moved in large numbers from the rural areas to urban centers in search of jobs and created labor movements that were the building blocks for the development of political parties. Social changes also occurred witnessed by the major changes in lifestyle as s result of changed fortunes where people could lead urban lives from the salaries obtained from the industries.

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