American Government

1. According to Dr. Anderson, why are so many Black people with college degrees working at minimum wage jobs?
2. Can the U.S. Constitution and the U.S. Supreme Court (alone) be used to liberate the descendants of enslaved Black/African people in the U.S., why or why not?
3. According to Dr. Anderson, why is fighting poverty a foolish endeavor, (please understand American capitalism)?
4. Why is political action without economic power doomed to fail?
5. Has social integration been beneficial to the masses of Black people in the U.S., why or why not? 6. Why is social cohesion and collective economic action important to the success of Black people in the U.S. (why is owning and controlling your community so important)?

Sample Answer



The black American continues to be paid little wages in the American job market compared to their white counterparts. Even where a black is more qualified for the job than a white American, the American of color is paid little just on account of his skin color (Anderson, 2017). The constitution of the United States of America and the Supreme Court alone cannot be used to liberate the Americans of color from the glaring discrimination, but combination of both good will and institutional arrangements can be used to achieve the same (Anderson, 2017).

Your first conjecture for the most celebrated individual ever is likely right: Jesus Christ, however Prophet Muhammad, Buddha, and John Lennon are not far behind (Conger, Cristen). Be that as it may, how would we happened upon this end? What does it truly mean to be well known? Let us investigate these inquiries in the accompanying sections.

Being “renowned” is more abstract than we generally might suspect. Being well known can identify with being famous at a specific time as well as for a specific explanation. We as a whole know the expression “15 minutes of acclaim.” So, being celebrated ought to be characterized, particularly when it identifies with history, about to what extent somebody has been well known, and to what degree that individual has been popular during that length of time. Likewise, is the notoriety this individual has general, or concentrated. For instance, I am an energetic haiku writer, and Matsuo Basho is without a doubt the most acclaimed haiku artist ever. Be that as it may, he isn’t even inside the main 1,000 most celebrated individuals on the planet. Subsequently, in a perfect world, the most celebrated individual ever ought to be the most well known not just by span and degree inside that length, yet in addition by general intrigue (Conger, Cristen).

Stargazer Eric Schulman did an estimation of acclaim through comparable strategies. He saw Google look hit numbers for specific people and saw those numbers through the crystal of life span. Along these lines, despite the fact that Donald Trump is presently increasingly famous on Google on Jesus, it is just a brief reality. Jesus is as yet the most renowned individual since the commencement of mankind, at present (Manning, Allee).

Likewise, as indicated by an investigation of Wikipedia measurements, Jesus despite everything goes ahead top. Steven Skiena, a teacher of software engineering at Stony Brook University, New York, clarified his technique for deciding how somebody is well known through Wikipedia:

We break down the Wikipedia pages of more than 800,000 individuals to quantify amounts that ought to relate to chronicled essentialness. We would expect that progressively noteworthy individuals ought to have longer Wikipedia pages than less outstanding people, since they have more prominent achievements to report. The Wikipedia pages of individuals of higher essentialness ought to pull in more prominent readership than those of lower centrality. The tip top ought to have pages connected to by other profoundly huge figures, which means they ought to have a high PageRank, the proportion of significance utilized by Google to distinguish significant site pages. (Saul, Heather)

Regarding life span being a factor, Skiena included: “A significant part of our strategy is that we efficiently rot the score of contemporary figures to mirror the misfortune from living memory which definitely happens more than three to four ages. The noteworthiness of Jesus is appeared by his mindshare today completely 2,000 years after his passing. We don’t see a similar occurring for Justin Beiber” (Saul, Heather). This gives us understanding into what it genuinely intends to be well known, and not a trend.

Regardless of whether you take a gander at it from the point of Google search hits or the measurements from the online juggernaut Wikipedia, Jesus is exhibited as the most renowned individual ever. Why somebody is renowned isn’t a factor, yet rather how often the person is referenced over the web and the noticeable quality of those notices over an all-encompassing timeframe. In contrast to most factual information, our first speculation is likely right with regards to estimating who the most well known individual in history is.


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