Analysis of a Popular Article

Analyze the rhetorical situation of one of the popular articles we read for class. You can analyze any ONE (1) of the following articles:
• “Take the Wheel: Self-Driving Cars Must Connect with Humans” by Alexander Davis from Wired
• “Tax Incentive Puts More Robots on Factory Floors” by Andrew Tangel and Patrick McGroarty from The Wall Street Journal
• “Silicon Valley Should Work with the Military on AI. Here’s Why” from The Washington Post
• “No, That Robot Will Not Steal Your Job” by Ruchir Sharma from The New York Times
• “I, For One, Welcome Our New Robot Overlords” by Lawrence Whittle from Newsweek
• “Welcoming Our New Robot Overlords” by Sheelah Kolhatkar from The New Yorker
• “Is Google Making Us Stupid” by Nicholas Carr from The Atlantic

Ralph saw a ton of wickedness in their new society, however Jack went totally savage and never again observed anything. At the point when Jack murdered simon, Ralph was crushed. Ralph saw Jack go totally insane, “Slaughter the brute, cut his throat, violate his wellbeing” (138). Jack needed to slaughter the mammoth and he would execute anybody or anything that impeded him. Ralph needed Jack to stop since he was placing himself as well as other people at serious risk, however Jack couldn’t have cared less. Jack went so savage he didn’t see anything amiss with the general public. He needed to take the force from Ralph and was happy to do whatever it took so as to pick up the force. Toward the finish of the novel, the chasing bunch burns down the woodland so as to receive Ralph in return so they can execute him. Jack was eager to hazard everybody’s life to pick up power for himself. Jack was happy to go to boundaries so as to dispose of individuals, “Push off Ralph” (171). Jack needs to kill Ralph so as to get his capacity since everybody would hear him out on the grounds that all through the entire time on the island Jack has been “mentally conditioning” them to accept what he says. Ralph was keeping an eye out for things Jack may attempt to pull on him on account of his wickedness and not steady outlook.

Ralph and Jack have shifting suppositions on authority. Ralph is vote based and extremely sorted out. Ralph utilizes the conch shell so as to call the individuals on the island, “We can utilize this to call the others. Have a gathering. They’ll come when they hear us”(15). Ralph needs everybody to be dealt with similarly even the littluns. He accepts if everybody takes an interest somehow or another to better the general public, it will run easily. Jack is egotistical and self-consumed. Jack embarrasses Piggy on how he eats and continually puts others down. When Ralph challenges Jack’s power, he blows up and needs to battle. Ralph needs to work it out with Jack, yet it never works since Jack acts extremely savage. Ralph deals with his supporters, and Jack just thinks about himself. Jack needs to take the entirety of the force from Ralph, yet Ralph is a vastly improved pioneer because of his relational abilities and how he manages circumstances.

Ralph and Jack have various feelings on great, shrewdness, and authority, which causes a fight over force all through the novel. Golding utilizes incredible instances of intensity battle all through the novel. The epic gives us how force battle is utilized all over and in our regular day to day existences.