Apartheid system

How did colonialism in Africa lead to apartheid and how was Nelson Mandela able to lead the battle to end segregation and discrimination? What was life like under the Apartheid system? How was the dismantling of the Apartheid system achieved? Why is Nelson Mandela considered so important in the Apartheid Movement?

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Also known as ’Afrikaans’, apartheid was a policy that governed relations between black majority and white minority in south Africa introduced by the national party in 1948. The execution of apartheid usually called ‘separate development’ became possible through the population registration Act of 1950. With the cruelty and glaring violation of human rights that characterized apartheid in south Africa, Nelson Mandela was a blessing in time for the majority black south Africans. He was a staunch anti-apartheid crusader and championed the rights of those who became victims of the draconian policy of apartheid.

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