Applying the Process Theories of Motivation

Compare and contrast the similarities and differences between Expectancy (VIE) Theory, Equity Theory, and Goal-Setting Theory. 
Describe each of the process theories of motivation and then demonstrate your understanding of each theory by providing a real-life example. 
In addition, please address the following writing prompts:
Goal-Setting Theory:  Considering individual and organizational goals, what is the role of acceptance and commitment to achieving goals?
Equity Theory:  Analyze employee’s perceptions of themselves in comparison to other employees who perform similar jobs.
Expectancy Theory:  What contributes to the highest levels of worker motivation?
Your responses should demonstrate a good understanding of the process theories of motivation, provide a clear and accurate real-life example of each, and clearly and concisely address the questions.

Sample Answer


This report will give a review of Unrestricted Society's present advertising methodology and the multi year showcasing plan for the organization. It will give a top to bottom examination of the brands qualities, shortcomings, openings, and dangers inside their picked market. It examines the item, value, arrangement, and advancements rehearsed by the brand. It contrasts Unrestricted Society and rivals as far as market division, situating, focusing on, and separation. It will likewise examine individual, innovative, monetary, and lawful issue looked by the brand. This report will likewise give money related and advertising projections to the five years to come.

I. Organization Description

Unhindered Society started its adventure in 1995, in an unobtrusive Orlando customer facing facade, presenting plants, records, home style, alongside a couple of bits of garments in container to swap with your own. Unlimited Society was formed into a discount mark in 1997. What's more, it has not thought back since. It has gotten one of the quickest developing examples of overcoming adversity in the retail clothing part and one of the most famous brand house to the millennial age.

The mixed combination immediately collected behind it a furiously faithful fan base, and this powered the opening of Unrestricted Society's first physical store in the Orlando suburb of Lake Mary in 2000, alongside the introduction of in 2004, and the first mail-request list landing in quite a while throughout the late spring of 2005.

Unlimited Society is substantially more than a ladies' apparel image. At the core of our locale is a remarkable and advancing bond with our clients. We investigate the way of life of our young lady, empowering self-assurance and self-articulation; the capacity to distinguish what she cherishes is our mystery to offering her the best item combination and experience conceivable.

II. Vital Focus and Plan

This area covers three parts of corporate system that impact the advertising plan: (1) the crucial, objectives, and (3) center skills that give Unrestricted Society their upper hand.


The strategic vision of Unrestricted Society is to advertise lines of great, whimsical, bohemian, ladies' attire at excellent costs that fulfill customers in this quickly developing section while giving focused vocation chances to workers or more normal comes back to investors.


For the coming five years, Unrestricted Society tries to accomplish the accompanying objectives:

Nonfinancial Goals:

1. To hold its present picture as the biggest brand of bohemian ladies' garments wherein it contends.

2. To include another product offering each subsequent year.

3. To open 3 new physical stores each year in new metropolitan markets.

4. To accomplish worldwide extension in two nations by 2019 (Year 1) and four by 2022 (Year 4).

Monetary Goals:

1. To get a genuine development pace of 10 percent for each year in profit per share after some time.

2. To acquire an arrival on value of at any rate 25 percent.

3. To offer 5 percent increasingly open stock constantly 2019.

4. To increment online business deals by 5-10% every year we work.


As far as center competency, Unrestricted Society tries to accomplish a novel capacity to give unmistakable, great ladies' dress and related frill utilizing our experience in apparel, music, and home style to energize the urban and bohemian preferences for these items and to convey these items to the client utilizing powerful and productive assembling and circulation frameworks that keep up Unrestricted Society's stylish and quality standard.

To make an interpretation of these center abilities into a manageable upper hand, Unrestricted Society will team up intimately with originators, providers, and wholesalers to fabricate connections important to fulfill the high taste measures of our client.

III. Situational Analysis

This situational investigation begins with a preview of the present condition in which Unrestricted Society ends up contending in by giving a concise SWOT (qualities, shortcomings, openings, dangers) examination. After this diagram, the examination tests fine levels of detail: industry, contenders, organization and customers.


Figure 1 shows the inward and outer components influencing the market open doors for Unrestricted Society. Expressed quickly, the SWOT examination features the extraordinary steps taken by Unrestricted Society since it initially showed up as a marsh shop in Orlando, Florida. In Unrestricted Society's support, its qualities inside comprise of an accomplished administration and configuration group, governing body, fantastic acknowledgment of its product offerings in which the brand contends, and a solid assembling and appropriation framework to serve the bunch of business sectors in which it exists. Good outer variables or openings incorporate the expanding intrigue of rebate stores, new universal markets, and the expanding prominence of online business.



The executives Experienced and inventive administration, architects, and governing body Small planner and the board can limit choices in the activity showcase

Contributions Unique, high-caliber, more significant expense pointed product offerings Myriad of lower-evaluated, lower-quality contenders

Promoting Distribution inside current markets with colossal gathering No global consciousness of the brand except if buyer goes to the U.S.

Faculty Efficient, generally extended store level work power; little proficient fashioner and the board with little turnover Small hole if store-level representative leaves, enormous hole if key originator or the board leave

Account Exponential development in deal incomes Limited assets may confine development openings in worldwide markets

Assembling Internal originators re-appropriating to single provider to guarantee top notch Lack of economies of scale to bigger contenders

Research and development Continuing endeavors to guarantee creative, exceptional structures conveyed in quality items Lack of dependability and assurance of achievement because of patterns in the business in which we contend

Purchaser/Social Upscale market liable to balance out; Bohemian attire is a quickly developing section of ladies' apparel because of development in concerts and want for interesting garments Price point may prompt confinement in mass or universal markets; buyers esteem the solid brand name

Aggressive Distinctive name and kitting for bundles over all stores and web based business Product lines are not patentable; contenders can copy item at a lower cost

Mechanical Handmade pieces and addresses item can't be created by industrial facility Competitors can mirror item at a quick pace

Financial Consumer pay is high; comfort critical to U.S. purchasers Many families would prefer to shop online through web based business

Lawful/Regulatory High duty and tax on imports dispenses with certain contenders redistributing fabricating a dispersion Cannot patent items in this way can't manage imitates by contenders

Among ominous variables, the primary shortcoming is the absence of limited product offerings from Unrestricted Society in contrast with its rivals. Other unfriendly factors incorporate the moderately little plan and supervisory group which restricts the monetary effect in the activity advertise. Dangers incorporate contenders emulating items at a lower cost and the risk of the significant expense point product offerings conceivably restricting access to universal markets.


Contrasted with different enterprises, ladies' attire changes most quickly. What is hot available today will be bland tomorrow as seasons change, hemlines rise and fall, similarly as marketing projections. In the U.S., the attire showcase has kept on developing exponentially to $315 billion and of that, the ladies' dress industry creates 35% of that business in physical stores (Statista). Be that as it may, similarly as design advances, so does the manner in which we get it (IBIS World Report 44812).

Less individuals a

re coming to towards shopping centers and outlet stores and falling back on the solace and accommodation of web based business. Furious ways of life have requested an increment in comfort and the ladies' garments industry reacted with a development of online stores. Development to internet retailing has allowed organizations the chance to venture into mass and global markets. In 2016, retail online business income added up to $72 billion, outperforming physical deals in the U.S. alone. Ladies' apparel and frill has overwhelmed the online business world as the most well known market portion a seemingly endless amount of time after year. As per the current monetary patterns of the business, web based business is anticipating to reach over $124 million in income starting at 2022 (IBIS World Report 42433).


The ladies' apparel industry speaks to over $111 million in yearly deals. All things considered, the industry is driven by families gaining more than $50,000 with 10-20% of extra cash. The business' product offerings fall into two gatherings: clothing and adornments. Both are offered in block and cement and web based business. 67% of the U.S. income in this industry is a consequence of online business which thusly, presents itself as a significant weakness (Statista, U.S.Online Apparel and Fashion Revenue 2022).

With respect to clothing and embellishment contenders, Unrestricted Society faces them from both block and cement and on the web. The most aggressive brands are Nordstrom (16.6% of the market), Old Navy (8.1% of the market), J.Crew (5.1% of the market), and Victoria Secret (3.6%) of the (Market Share Reporter 2013).

Sample Solution

All employees analyze their environment and strive to be recognized and rewarded for their hard work and dedication they put into the company. In other word, everyone often seek justice when they do something good. Human beings by nature needs recognition and appreciation especially when they do something outstanding. Failure of it results into demoralization and that affects the performance that could