Art History

Unless otherwise stated, answer in complete sentences, and be sure to use correct English spelling and grammar. Sources must be cited in APA format. Your response should be four (4) pages in length; refer to the “Assignment Format” page for specific format requirements.

Part A In this first portion of the assignment you are asked to analyze the iconography of the artworks listed below. Defined in the textbook, iconography is an understanding of the subject matter and symbols of an artwork (Stokstad and Cothern, 2016, pg. 6). Based on your understanding of the cultures and time periods you have encountered over the past 4 lessons of textbook readings, analyze the following artworks in terms of their iconography.

1. Adam and Eve, Albrecht Dürer, 1504. Engraving. Located on page 357 of the textbook.
2. The Founding of Tenochtitlan page from the Codex Mendoza, Aztec, 1545 CE. Located on page 411 of the textbook.
3. The Hip Pendant Representing an Iyoba (“Queen Mother”), Nigeria, c. 1550 CE. Located on page 433 of the textbook.
4. Tar Beach, Faith Ringgold, 1988. Acrylic on canvas, and pieced cloth. Located on page 572 of the textbook.

Part B Compare and contrast the function of the above works. Focus your analysis on how each artwork functioned spiritually and/or politically in their original context. Your discussion should include the importance of the artwork at the time of its creation for the viewer at that time. For instance, you could address issues such as, was the artwork used as a visual teaching of a concept, was it used as an historical record to document an event? Compare and contrast the function of the four artworks and distinguish the connections that can be made, pointing out patterns you find.

Sample Solution

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1.2.7 Marketing systems

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