Balanced Scorecard and Corporate Responsibility

1- Identify and describe a specific capital investment you believe management could invest in to help achieve one of the perspectives of the balanced scorecard.
2- Identify the specific objective of the capital project.
3- Estimate the cost of investing in the capital project.
4- Explain the quantifiable or non quantifiable results anticipated from the capital investment.

Sample Answer

Organizations and individuals often engage in activities of selling and purchasing assets in monetary values. The term that best suit such activities is called monetary value. It has two trajectories upon which it can be understood. The common denotation of capital investment is always concerning with the money used buy fixed assets like land, machines among others. However, this is not the case often, because some organization and individual businesses considers capital investment as money that will be used to purchase fixed asset rather than cover the expenses of the daily operations of businesses. Capital investment is thus critical in measuring the economic status of organizations and individual businesses. This paper will therefore discuss the need for capital investment and how the capital project is helpful in achieving balanced scorecard among many benefits that are associated with capital investment as discussed in the following paragraph.

of today is that numerous representatives' desires towards their employments are high. Thus there is a general upgrade in the aggravation in the personal satisfaction. Today the representatives need more from their employments as opposed to pay. A more inspiration to profession arranging is the necessity for organization is to put to ideal utilize the individuals which are the important accessible assets in this quickly changing mechanical world. (Garry Dessler).

Vocation is characterized by various creators in various manners as profession is a compound term. In the previous days the term vocation was not viewed as so compound and it was individuals who accepted that finding a new line of work is a deep rooted term. It resembled finding a new line of work at the youthful age and remaining in a similar association or organization presumably in the same position till retirement. It was viewed as a worker is tireless, reliable, able and dedicated to the organization will have work till he wanted or needed. In days of yore workers and the organization worked like a family. Likewise individual's vocation would begin when he completes instruction since there was no necessity for extra information or expert improvement.

Be that as it may, today the situation is entirely unexpected and increasingly compound. This is a direct result of changes in all divisions. Today if an individual needs to develop and prevail in this evolving condition, he embraces to the changing condition by securing new aptitudes, information and preparing all through his working life. In todays' reality new errand and occupation are all the more testing and requesting so one must be prepared and arranged to play out the new refined undertaking and obligations. (Ivancevich, 1994, p.490). One of the path is to deal with the workers and facilitate with the representatives in both individual and authoritative