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Compare our system(Canadian Financial System) to one from another country. Describe our system in detail then do the same for the financial system from a country of your choice. Show the strong points and the weak points of each system. Show the changes that have taken place in both systems. Be critical where necessary.

Joanne Rowling or all the more usually known as J.K. Rowling was conceived on July 31, 1965 in Yate, Gloucestershire, England. Joanne Rowling is most popular for her work with the youthful grown-up arrangement Harry Potter. Her work with the wizarding scene permits perusers to run away to a better place, and experience the enchantment for themselves. Joanne Rowling composed eight portions in the arrangement just as delivering every one as a blockbuster film. In spite of the fact that this is Joanne Rowling’s most noteworthy accomplishment with the abstract world, it isn’t the main novel that she has composed. Her different books incorporate The Casual Vacancy and The Cuckoo’s Calling. Neither of these books can outperform the accomplishment of the Harry Potter arrangement, however there are likenesses among them and Harry Potter. There is a common subject inside these books, for example, the run of the mill setting of a little, run of the mill, bleak British town. Any well-perused peruser of Joanne Rowling’s books would consistently recognize what’s in store when preparing to peruse one of her books with this repetitive topic.

In spite of the fact that Joanne Rowling is a superb writer of youthful grown-up writing, when she initially began composing she was anxious about the possibility that that she would not interest all socioeconomics. In one such case, Joanne Rowling didn’t accept that she would increase a common number of perusers of the two young men and young ladies dependent on her name Joanne. So as to battle against this suspicion, she composed under the nom de plume J.K Rowling with the goal that she may remain nonpartisan when individuals took a gander at the front of her novel. This assisted with her work in the Harry Potter arrangement. While trying to proceed with this achievement, when thinking of her next novel, The Cuckoo’s Calling, she composed under the nom de plume Galbraith.

Inside her works, another regular topic is the depiction of a solid male hero, who is compelled to manage the hardships left for him. Regular young men who need just to carry on with a typical life, every one of the three winds up having some unique capacity that permits them to make all the difference. Despite the fact that the solid male heroes in her novel will in general make all the difference in each story doesn’t imply that there are no supporting characters that help in their mission. There are solid female characters in the books that help helper the hero on their excursion to overcome the adversary. One model is the character Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter arrangement. A solid female character that harries figure out how to control his wizarding forces and shield him from settling on an inappropriate choices.

Joanne Rowling likewise consolidates significant social points inside every one of her books. These points will in general range from vagrants, right to youngster misuse and neediness. With these themes, Joanne Rowling can nearly “power” the crowd to feel for the hero. The basic story of the longshot turning into the mogul playboy part of the novel maybe. With this common topic, Joanne Rowling can make a character that brief number of perusers can identify with. This topic can be credited to her own “clothes to newfound wealth” biography. Going from living off of state advantages to getting one of the world’s most respected creators. A subject that Joanne Rowling remembers for her books is the common topic of death. Regardless of how much dream and miracle enter her books, passing is a basic factor that can’t be deleted. There is no getting away from death as Joanne Rowling’s books propose. It is this factor carries authenticity into the universe of imagination.

Joanne Rowling is really a creator that is known by all. Her books not just stick to the universe of imagination and pretend, yet in addition to the sensible world. Her composing style and numerous common subjects permit her to dazzle her crowd regardless of the novel.