Career Paths

Research art careers online that interest you. Look at lists of creative careers and find some that look interesting. Write a 2-3 page paper about 3 creative careers that you found online. Write about the Skills, Qualifications, Income, and Job Duties for 3 different creative careers. Pick careers that you are not familiar with but would like to do.

Sample Answer


Vander Zee demonstrates that the blood contract is an articulation Christ's penance on the cross, memorialized through fellowshipping together and further notes that the nearness of Christ is communicated socially in the core of the adherent to the type of transignification.

The Greek comprehension of recognition brings to mind the old originations of having the option to "see" through an ontological association between the picture and the portrayal something that rose in the rebellious debates in the eighth and ninth century. Along these lines, one could contend that the greek comprehension of reviewing Christ in the Eucharist was a demonstration of visualizing the genuine nearness of Christ in the demonstration of fellowship.

At long last, Heron communicates that the catholic church's authoritative opinion on the Eucharist has been driven off track through Augustinian philosophical impact, and union with otherworldliness, philosophical metaphysics, Platonic dualism and mystery while endeavoring to adjust political progressive power on the planet.

Lutheran Theology.

The equivocal idea of Catholicism to encompass the principle in "secret" positively demonstrated a trouble for Luther who recognizes that Christ's quality is available profoundly as consubstantiation. Luther established that the dinner was to be designated "The Lord's Supper" (1 Cor. 11:20) and was a paragon of the gospel and is for enlightening the congregation, contrition and reprimand.

Concentrating more on a scriptural prove approach and for equivalent rights to biblical progression, Luther pushed that similarly as Jesus appointed the male witnesses, the festival of Holy Communion ought to be praised by male appointed priests. The dining experience is to be led on a raised area and is the every day otherworldly nourishment that continues the spirit and carries recuperating to the body. Luther anyway had his very own talk to his association table; an individual must be purified through water by water and the Spirit, taught in the confidence and have practiced an assessment of inner voice preceding getting. Anyway even today Lutheranism holds a shut fellowship however welcomes its gatherers to take an interest on a week after week premise.

Pentecostals perceive the Christological focal point of the Lutheran convention yet can't wed with the questionable comprehension or differentiation of the Real Presence from Catholicism. Positively working a "shut fellowship" makes an "insuperable mass of division".

Calvinist, Wesleyan and Baptist religious philosophy.

Clutching a comparable subject, Calvin and Wesley both upheld that the components of bread and wine contained the profound nearness of Jesus. The Holy Meal was led in an appropriate ceremonial arrangement bolstered with scriptural readings, supplications, contributions and Eucharistic psalms; managed upon a special stepped area and required the devotee to atone through fasting and profound recognition.