Cases of four adolescents arrested for first-time possession of cocaine.




Describe what you believe is the primary role of the team

Working with teams is an excellent way to help clients receive quality services. Below are three short vignettes of teams that support service delivery. For each vignette, address the following two components:

Describe what you believe is the primary role of the team.
Explain how the client benefits from the team approach.
For each vignette, compose responses of two-three paragraphs. Your final submission must address both questions for all three vignettes and should be between two-three pages. Additionally, ensure you are citing from three scholarly sources throughout your paper. Ensure each source is cited properly in APA.

Vignette #1: Five professionals are gathered together to consider cases of four adolescents arrested for first-time possession of cocaine. The judge from juvenile court refers offenders to the case management team for assessment and services instead of incarceration. The professionals include a family specialist from the department of human services, a probation officer, a psychologist, a mental health counselor serving as the case manager, and a school liaison.

Vignette #2: Lakewood Hills, Inc. provides support services for Alzheimer’s patients and their families. Each patient and family is assigned a case manager who spearheads the service delivery. Each week the case manager chairs a discussion with other professionals who provide an array of services such as physical care, home health services, respite care, and educational services that foster positive psychological development for patients and caregivers.

Vignette #3: Family members participate in a group cooperative that they have formed themselves. Each family has at least one member with a persistent mental illness. As a result of the families’ cooperative, they are able to advocate for their family members. To date, they provide a group day care, organize outings to the mall and movies, dispense medications daily, and coordinate time for caretakers to take days off from care giving. The cooperative hired one case manager, who works two hours a day to advise and support these efforts of the families.

Sample Solution

This study focuses on the overall performance of two companies pre merger and post merger. The analysis of the performance of the company before and after the merger enables us to draw a conclusion whether the merger has been favourable to the company or not. Mergers and Acquisitions are a topic of global significance nowadays. Mergers and Acquisitions have become a common corporate strategy in the recent past enabling the organizations to achieve synergy benefit and sustainable development. They are spoken about so much all over the globe in recent times. These Mergers and Acquisitions are not of a recent origin but have been in practice since 18th century. This project gives an insight on Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) through a comparative study on the pre merger and post merger analysis of Arcelor and Mittal Steel from a finance perspective. Mittal Steel merged its operations with Arcelor in 2006 and it was regarded as the biggest merger in the world steel industry. For the purpose of our study we have considered Mittal Steel’s acquisition of Arcelor and have made the pre merger and post merger analysis of the same to arrive at conclusions. The objective of this study is to arrive at a conclusion whether the merger has been successful or not in terms of both profit as well as wealth maximization. This study will take into consideration the merger of Arcelor and Mittal Steel and analyse their performances before and after the merger and decide whether they have been able to achieve success after the merger and also whether the companies have been able to achieve synergy benefit which is one of the primary reasons for a merger to take place. This study also analyses the success of the merger in terms of market share and the capacity utilization. This project has made use of secondary data and the facts and figures are reliable to the best of our knowledge. The various financial techniques used in this study are trend analysis, ratio analysis, cash flow statement and fund flow statement. The conclusions of this study cannot be used to generalize regarding the fate of Mergers and Acquisitions. This study strongly recommends further research on this topic in the