Challenges of Court System Administration

How does a court system cope with a “changing of the guard” when a new administration is elected and key executives and managers are replaced, and/or when policy changes direction as a new political party assumes power?
How does a new legal interpretation resulting from a court’s decision on an existing law related to court procedures, and how does the passage of a new law affect court administration?
What kinds of management best practices would you, as a court administrator, implement to ensure appropriate levels of continuity, efficiency, effectiveness, and fairness when significant changes occur that impact the court system?

Sample Answer


984 is a novel composed by George Orwell and was distributed in 1949. It includes a tragic culture where Big Brother is the essence of the decision party. The Party is convincing the utilization of an envisioned lingo called Newspeak, which attempts to foresee political insubordination by abstaining from all words related to it. Despite intuition resistant considerations is unlawful. Such thoughtcrime is, really, the most exceedingly awful taking everything into account. The gathering is continually pushing their 3 acclaimed mottos: war is harmony, opportunity is subjugation and obliviousness is quality. The gathering pushes purposeful publicity that unendingly being in a war is the best approach to keep harmony in the nation.

"War is harmony" This trademark suggests that while Oceania is at war with various countries, the overall public will keep up joined because they have a mutual foe. Along these lines, by keeping war, people don't have enemies inside the country, since they are up to speed with doing combating foes outside the country. In 1984, the war isn't even basic, anyway is kept as an approach to control the all inclusive community. The legitimate irregularity with this announcement is that unmistakably war and congruity are opposite energies. People can't have quietness when they feel undermined by a war, whether or not it is an outside war. In 1984, people feel undermined by rocket bombs and Eurasian troopers, when the certifiable risk is just the Party.