Character Analysis Essay

Create a character analysis essay. Choose one of these characters and discuss whether he or she is sympathetic or unsympathetic. Be sure to discuss how the author creates (or does not create) sympathy for the character.


Nishit V. Davda in his exploration paper “A Comparative Study of Selected Private Sector Banks in India (2012)”, has inspected the monetary exhibition and supportability of six significant banks in the private financial segment – ICICI bank, HDFC bank, AXIS bank, IndusInd bank, ING VYSYA bank and Kotak Mahindra bank. The productivity position of the chose banks for a time of ten years from 2002 to 2011 was examined. The examination distinguishes that HDFC has performed better regarding Earning per Share (EPS) than other chose banks during the previously mentioned period. The examination likewise recognizes that Kotak Mahindra bank was the best entertainer regarding Net – Profit Margin (NPM), trailed by HDFC bank. ICICI bank has the best yield on Assets (ROA) when contrasted with other chose banks.

Targets of the Study

To examine the productivity position of the chose private area banks

To find out the variables that impacts the speculation basic leadership

To find out the best venture choice


HO: There is no noteworthy contrast between the chose factors of chosen banks

H1: There is a noteworthy contrast between the chose factors of chosen banks


The examination covers five private area banks in India – HDFC bank, ICICI bank, Axis bank, Yes bank and Kotak Mahindra bank from money related year 2013-14 to 2017-18. The auxiliary information was utilized with the end goal of this examination. All the auxiliary information utilized in the investigation was gathered from Equitymaster ( database. The auxiliary information was utilized to decide the benefit position of the banks. The variable which were considered for deciding the productivity position were Return on Equity (ROE), Net Profit Margin (NPM), Return on Assets (ROA), Price to Earnings proportion (P/E), Debt to Equity proportion (D/E), Net Non – Performing Assets (NPA), Earnings per Share (EPS) and Dividend per Share (DPS). The Porter’s five powers model was utilized to break down the financial business. The accompanying techniques were utilized to dissect the information:

Number juggling mean: The math mean was utilized to locate the normal of different perceptions. The number-crunching mean has been gotten by including all the perceptions and partitioning them by number of perceptions. The recipe to figure Arithmetic mean is as per the following:

X ̅ = ∑ X/N = X1 + X2 + X3 + . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . + Xn ∕ N

Where X ̅ = Arithmetic Mean, ∑ X = Summation of the considerable number of perceptions, N = Total number of perceptions.

ANOVA: Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) is the system to test the hugeness of distinction between in excess of two example implies and to make inductions whether the examples drawn from the populace have a similar mean. One – factor ANOVA was utilized for examination. The F – proportion demonstrates the proportion ‘between gathering’ change and ‘inside gatherings’ fluctuation. A noteworthy F esteem demonstrates that the populace implies are not approach.


Profit for Equity (ROE): Return on value gauges a partnership’s benefit by uncovering how a lot of benefit the organization creates with the cash investors have contributed. ROE is communicated as rate.

ROE = Net Income/investor’s value

TABLE 1 – Return on Equity (ROE)


2014 19.8 14.4 15.8 22.6 12.9

2015 16.9 14.5 16.4 17.1 13.7

2016 17.2 10.8 16.6 18.4 10.4

2017 16.6 9.7 15.6 15.1 12.8

2018 16.9 7 16.4 12.3

Normal 17.48 11.28 14.8 17.92 12.42


Understanding: The arrival on value of the chose banks is appeared in Table 1. It very well may be seen that YES bank has most noteworthy normal ROE (17.92% ) followed by HDFC bank ( 17.48% ) and AXIS bank ( 14.80% ). It is likewise observed that the ROE of YES bank has expanded incredibly when contrasted with other chose banks.

Table 2 – One Way ANOVA for ROE


Wellspring of Variation SS df MS F P-esteem F crit

Between Groups 175.8256 4 43.9564 5.702698 0.003134 2.866081

Inside Groups 154.16 20 7.708

Absolute 329.9856 24

Aftereffect of Hypothesis testing:

From the table 2, as the determined worth 5.708698 is more noteworthy than the basic worth 2.866081 at 5% level of criticalness, the invalid theory is dismissed and elective speculation is acknowledged.