Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.


Watch the video below:
1. Watch the TED Talk from this week’s Learning Resources given by Dr. Nadine
Burke Harris regarding ACES-adverse childhood experiences entititled How
Childhood Trauma Affects Health Across a Lifetime.
2. Write a essay answering the following questions:
a. How does exposure to early exposure to adversity affect the developing
brains and bodies of children?
b. What are health concerns pertaining to ACES?
c. Why is it important to develop programs to support children at risk for ACES?

Sample Solution

What happens to a person in early childhood can have a lifetime impact. Research on adverse childhood experiences underscores the importance of addressing and preventive the effect of early adversity on children and families. Examples of early adversity include child abuse and neglect, exposure to violence, and family economic hardships. Early adversity can lead to a variety of short-and long-term negative health effects. It can disrupt early brain development and compromise functioning of the nervous and immune systems. The more adverse experiences in childhood, the greater the likelihood of developmental delays and other problems. Adults with more adverse experiences in early childhood are also more likely to have health problems, including alcoholism, depression, heart disease, diabetes and other chronic diseases.

ndencies. This can be explained by the Lax parenting by his mother, in the absence of his father.

House’s strong dislike of his father has shaped his beliefs strongly. Trying to be as unlike his father he doesn’t respect authority, and has a very self destructive and impulsive personality. We can see his self destructive Vicodin use in the first season of the show. We can see his Id making his decisions as he is always looking for that immediate gratification. House rarely thinks about how his decisions affect others and rarely makes decisions based on his super ego. This makes House a very difficult person to be friends with.

One of the first things you notice on the show is the lengths House goes to, to avoid meeting his patients. This avoidant behavior is also seen in his personal relationships, or more aptly, the lack there of. House is a classic example of the Dismissive/avoidant attachment style. He never had a secure base to explore relationships because of his strained relationship with his father and the irregularity of his parents’ interactions with him. We can see the strain this has on all his relationships, Most clearly in his romantic relationship with Dr Cuddy. He was very nervous about the thought of her being too close to him. This led to him being extremely secretive and at times act like a pathological liar.



The 5 factor model, or “The big 5” is a trait theory that has been developed over many years. It identifies 5 core traits in all humans, namely, Openness/intellect, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism (Sharples, 2019). Each individual presents a different degree of each trait. For example someone like House is very high in the openness trait and is very creative, as can be seen in his unconventional methods to treat ailments. These ailments are also always extremely complex and require house to be very imaginative with his solutions; He does this with relative ease. On the other hand House is very low on the conscientiousness scale. He is very disorganized and unfocused. He is also extremely impulsive as was mentioned above. Although he is a brilliant doctor, House can be a very unreliable friend, him forgetting his lunches with Wilson is a running gag on the show. House shows both introverted and extroverted traits. His low sociability makes it seem as if he is an introvert however his dominance and extreme narcissism show otherwise. A great example of this ambivalence is how he doesn’t like spending time with his residents and yet plays pranks on them because of his strong need for attention. This shows he lies somewhere in the middle of the range. House is calm in the face of some of the most stressful situations and he is able to think of unique solutions under imme