City that you live in

Write an essay about the city that you live in now or in the past.

Sample Answer

I was born and raised in the City of Washington DC where I live UpToDate. The city remains one of the biggest and yet beautiful in the world. It is encompassed with great history having been named after the US first president George Washington. Given its prominence, the city has a mall. the location of political protests, concerts, festivals, and presidential inaugurations. The Washington Monument and the Jefferson Pier are near the center of the mall, south of the White House. Also, on the mall are the National World War II Memorial at the east end of the Lincoln Memorial Reflecting Pool, the Korean War Veterans Memorial, and the Vietnam war. It is not stop enough stated because the city has more very fine details that distinguishes it from other cities in US and the World over.

er, triangular wave generator utilizing lesser number of parts is appeared in Figure.

Triangular wave generator utilizing lesser parts

Yield Waveforms

The triangular wave generator comprises of a two level comparator and an integrator A2. The yield of comparator A1 is a square wave and is applied to the (- ) input terminal of the integrator A2 creating a triangular wave. This triangular wave is encouraged back as contribution to the comparator A1 through a voltage divider .

At first, let us think about that the yield of comparator A1 is +Vsat. The yield of the integrator A2 will be a negative going incline appeared in Figure. Therefore, one finish of the voltage divider R2 R3 is at a voltage + Vsat and the other at the negative going slope of A2.

At a time t = t1 when the negative going incline accomplishes an estimation of - V, the voltage at point P turns out to be marginally under 0V. This switches the yield of A1 from positive immersion to negative immersion level – Vsat.

During when the yield of A1 is at - Vsat, the yield of A2 increments the positive way. Also, at the moment t = t2 the voltage at point P turns out to be simply above 0V, in this way exchanging the yield of A1 from – Vsat +Vsat.

The cycle rehashes and creates a triangular waveform. It very well may be seen that the recurrence of the square wave and triangular wave will be same. Be that as it may, the sufficiency of the triangular wave relies on the RC estimation of the integrator A2 and the yield voltage level of A1.

The yield voltage can be set to wanted level by utilizing fitting zener diodes. The