Communication networks

1.Describe different types of communication networks used on aircraft.

Explain how a hacker could gain access to an in-flight WiFi network.

Differentiate the purpose and vulnerabilities of ACARS and ADS-B.

Analyze information leakage issues related to ADS-B.

Describe the different GNSS systems in use around the world and vulnerabilities in GPS.

Socially capable speculators choose and assess ventures based on both budgetary and social criteria to ensure that the ventures they make are predictable with their worth framework and convictions. A few people are worried about putting resources into the organizations which are associated with things like liquor, tobacco, betting, military weapons, and so on. Some are worried about impacts organizations have on condition. Some need to guarantee the security of human rights. Generally these financial specialists will in general reject from their portfolio, organizations that are engaged with these disputable exercises or that don’t coordinate their worth framework. Some socially mindful financial specialists go above and beyond and decide to put resources into organizations that show administration in social issues like organizations that pay reasonable wages to their laborers. They utilize these screening standards while settling on venture choices to ensure that during the time spent bringing in cash or in the chase of predominant returns they are not supporting or financing socially flippant or untrustworthy organizations. Additionally as an ever increasing number of financial specialists utilize such screening foundations, they bring issues to light to firms that are not receptive to social concerns and they can put pressure on those organizations to change. [2]

2. Venture Strategies

There are two significant venture techniques followed by Socially Responsible speculators while putting resources into capital markets – Negative Screening and Positive contributing.

Negative Screening

As a component of negative screening methodology, financial specialists screen protections and speculations which don’t meet certain social and ecological models. MSCI KLD 400 Social Index famously known as Domini 400 Social Index is the longest running SRI file which follows negative screening methodology. It was intended to assist socially capable speculators with screening traded on an open market organizations by saying something social and ecological variables. It is a market top weighted stock record that give presentation to US organizations that have fulfilled certain guidelines of social and ecological excellence.[12] The list is contained 400 stocks dominant part of which are enormous top stocks in the S&P 500. The breakdown of these stocks is as per the following:

I) Around 250 organizations are huge top stocks in the S&P 500

ii) 100 organizations are not in the S&P 500. These give part enhancement

iii) 50 organizations are chosen dependent on their past positive record in social and natural dealings