Community nursing

Substance abuse as a community health problem.
Violence and nursing response.

1. Discuss the historical trends and current conceptions of the cause and treatment of substance abuse.
2. Describe the ethical and legal implications of substance abuse.
3. Identify factors that influence violence.
4. Identify at-risk populations for violence and the role of public health in dealing with the epidemic of violence.
Homeless Population.

Disaster in the Community.

1. Identify and discuss the types of disasters.

2. Mention and discuss two natural or man-made disasters that recently occurred and discuss how they affect the community health.

3. Discuss the stages of disaster management.
Describe and discuss the role and responsibilities of nurses in relation to disasters.
Population affected by disabilities.

Rural and migrant health.

1. Define and discuss in your own words the definitions and models for disability.

2. Discuss the difference between illness and disability.

3. Compare and contrast the characteristics of rural and urban communities.

4. Discuss the impact of structural and personal barriers on the health of rural aggregates.

Family Health

1. In your own word and using the appropriate evidence-based references define family and describe the different types of family.
2. Identify characteristics of the family that have implications for community health nursing practice.
3. Discuss a model of care for families.
4. Describe strategies for moving from intervention at the family level to intervention at the aggregate level.
Health in the Global Community.

Women’s health

1. Describe globalization and international patterns of health and disease.
2. Identify international health care organizations and how they collaborate to improve global nursing and health care.
3. Identify and discuss the major indicators of women’s health.
4. Identify and discuss the barriers to adequate health care for women.

Sample Solution

ader acts and settles on choices for the business.

Pioneers must have great information about their providers, clients and contenders in the event that they need to decide monetary and current political components that have influenced the commercial center.

Innovation can significantly change the business showcase. Pioneers must change their administration styles so they can enable the organization to acclimate to new innovation. Innovative work can likewise assist pioneers with making new procedures that make their work simpler.

Each group can have their own way of life. Everything that effects a group’s capacity to finish undertakings can change whether the association succeeds. Inward factors decide how the association can push ahead.

For what reason do groups exist and what are their motivation? Responding to these inquiries can show an associations strategic. A fruitful group has a reasonable assignment and vision and plans to finish the errand for instance, Steve Jobs statement of purpose for Apple was that he needed to ‘make a commitment to the world’ and when somebody asked how he would do that he stated, ‘by making devices for mankind.’

Groups that speak with one another well are the ones that succeed all the more regularly. Group pioneers and individuals from the group impart effectively and frequently so they can improve results. This correspondence style can help get everybody included and share thoughts with one another. Groups without any correspondences have terrible initiative structures that can break trust between colleagues.

Some outer components that can influence associations are political, monetary, social and mechanical. The inside components that impact a group’s prosperity additionally portrays the associations relations