Correcting problems while in practice






A nurse on a medical/surgical unit has made the same medication error two days in a row. As the nurse manager, describe how you would decide whether this is a systems problem or a problem related to the individual nurse. In either case, explain how you (the manager) should correct the problem.


Sample Solution

As a nurse manager, it is my responsibility to investigate any potential problems with the system or an individual when a medication error has been made. In this case, I would first need to determine whether the issue was related to the system or an individual nurse. This can be done by reviewing charts and talking to staff members who may have witnessed the error . For example , if there were other nurses on duty both days that did not make similar errors then it could point towards an individual-level problem (Altamirano & Wagner, 2019).

If I concluded that this was indeed a systems problem , then I would take steps to correct it by addressing any issues with policies , procedures or protocols in place for administering medications . Additionally , I would ensure that all staff members had received adequate training and education regarding proper administration of medications as well as reinforce any existing expectations amongst personnel .

On the other hand, if the issue was attributed to one particular nurse then corrective action should still be taken but at an individual level. After identifying which nurse was involved and what caused them to make these mistakes , I would have one-on-one conversations with them about their performance (Schneider et al., 2019 ). Additionally, I might consider providing additional coaching sessions where we review basic medication administration processes together (Altamirano & Wagner,2019 ). If necessary , further disciplinary action such as suspension or termination may also be warranted depending on severity of situation.



The Revenger’s Tragedy

Misfortune of Avengers What sort of misfortune is this? By definition, the misfortune is “a staggering, excruciating, dismal occasion”. Notwithstanding, the awfulness of Avengers doesn’t uncover every one of these highlights. It is frightful and abnormal, loaded with wicked, brutal, dead and maniacal grisly clarifications, however this is certainly not a dismal story. Instead of cause the crowd to feel distress, they regularly draw mind blowing doubtful feelings. The reason for the misfortune isn’t inefficient sorrow, however to utilize retaliation as a persuading intends to cause contempt.

Shakespeare’s “Hamlet” shows the overall components found in the awfulness of the retribution of the renaissance (“misfortune of vengeance”). Be that as it may, despite the fact that Hamlet is a misfortune of vengeance, Shakespeare confounds the essential retribution plot by making three vengeance plots. By including significant advancements, Shakespeare makes ‘Ship of the Concentric Revenge Miwa’ (Frye 90) which is definitely not a physical legend yet a phantom, not an apparition, yet a scholarly saint who is an issue. did. viewpoint

In this investigation of retribution and vengeance of Elizabeth ‘s vengeance, the two plays I see are the “Hamlet” of William Shakespeare and “The Tragedy of Avengers” of Thomas Middleton. After first observing the treatment of the dramatist ‘s Avengers’ character, different characters in the play will deal with the Avengers. Despite the fact that their essential topic and shows are comparable, the two plays show a differentiating picture of vengeance; rather than “Vindicator’s misfortune”, Hamlet is an increasingly complex of his hero Provide treatment restricted by the creator’s social data and lacking

The awfulness of vengeance (some of the time called retribution dramatization, vengeance show or grisly misfortune) is a sort of hypothesis whose fundamental subject is the deadly aftereffect of vengeance and retribution. American instructor Ashley H. Thorndiek formally reported the awfulness of vengeance in the 1902 article “Connection among Hamlet and contemporary retribution show”, recorded the advancement of the hero’s retribution plan, and frequently killers and Avengers Brought about his own passing. This sort previously showed up in the early current British distributed by Thomas Kid’s “Misfortune of Spain” in the last 50% of the sixteenth century. Early works, for example, Jasper Heywood ‘s Seneca (1560’ s), Thomas Norton and Thomas Sackville ‘s play Gorbuduc (1561) were additionally viewed as a misfortune of vengeance. Different misfortunes of renowned retribution incorporate the awfulness of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet (1599-1602), Titus Andronics (1588-1593), Thomas Middleton’s Avengers (around 1606).