Criminal Prosecution

Write a 3- to 4-page paper in which you address the following:
*Case* State of Missouri Vs. Reginald Clemons
Summarize the criminal procedures that occurred in this case, from arrest through appeal, if applicable.
Explain the crime the defendant allegedly committed.
What are the elements of that crime? Is there sufficient evidence to believe the defendant guilty of this crime beyond a reasonable doubt?
Identify the legal defenses used in this case. Explain what the defense entails and the effectiveness of the defense.
Describe the sanctions were given in the case?
What were the factors in sentencing? What sentencing goals were met with the sentence?
Explain if the death penalty effective.
Does the amount of time a prisoner spends in death row impact how effective it is?
Explain if the death penalty should be abolished?
Why or why not?

Sample Solution

e issue which this investigation distinguishes is the botched chance of not arriving at the gathering ”Supporters of outsider activities” and the absence of association with this gathering.

At the point when a pledge drive sets up an activity, the pledge drive will get a great deal of reaction, love and backing. The way War Child cooperates with the pledge drive, will give the pledge drive inspiration to gather a higher measure of cash whereby pledge drives will get faithful to the association.

Right now, War Child isn’t effectively reach, get some information about encounters or offer help to the activity supporter. The association is missing collaboration and change with the ”Supporters of outsider activities”. There are a great deal of approaches to get communication with this gathering to build the income.

The issue can be portrayed as the botched opportunity of not arriving at the supporters of outsider activities. The issue happens toward the finish of the activity procedure. The last advance is the point at which the activity supporter is giving a gift to the activity pledge drive. After this, there is no further methodology for an activity supporter.

The outcomes of this issue are that there is less salary and less consumer loyalty. Utilizing a reasonable methodology will assist with making the activity supporter activated to help War Child. A case of a straightforward initial step for an appropriate methodology is sending an email. The email will take the consideration of the supporter. The scientist needs to utilize the email to excite enthusiasm to get want to help youngsters in war circumstances. Also, the last advance of the AIDA model is to get them very spurred to move them enthusiastically by turning into a long haul benefactor or an activity pledge drive. (Rawal, 2013)

The gathering has high potential since they can be come to effectively and it might result into long haul contributor send. The analyst will get some information about their experience and client venture while supporting activities.

1.1.2 Purpose and importance of the examination

This investigation depends on the inquiry: how to increase long haul support from activity supporters who donat