Critical Thinking Assignment

Explain whether your therapeutic theory has changed as a result of your practicum experiences. (NO) Recall the theories you selected.
• Explain how you integrated the therapeutic approaches from this course in your clinical practice. Include how this helped you achieve the goals and
objectives you developed.
• Explain how you might impact social change through your work with clients who have mental health issues.
• Support your approach with evidence-based literature.

Sample Answer

A therapeutic approach is the theory in which a psychologist or counsellor frames how they observe human relationship and the issues that occur for people throughout their lives. This method has three distinct methods of therapy that include cognitive therapy, humanistic therapy and integrative or holistic therapy. A proper mechanism of handling clients with mental condition can positively impact the society and this can be done through setting time aside with no distractions, talking about wellbeing, keeping questions open ended and lastly by listening carefully to what they say while also taking care not to second guess their feelings.


The issue of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phone is that it can overheat and even detonate. Samsung has reviewed a huge number of its new Galaxy Note 7s because of these reports of it bursting into flames. The telephone was on special for just two weeks before various proprietors of the telephone were revealing that their telephones had liquefied because of batteries that had burst into flames. Samsung said it "led an exhaustive examination and found a battery cell issue" and has ended offers of the telephone totally. This review came at an essential time for Samsung, with the arrival of the iPhone 7 only two weeks after the fact and Christmas quick drawing closer.

Cell phones use lithium-particle cells. Lithium-particle (Li-particle) batteries are an indispensable innovation during the time spent arriving at a perfect and reasonable vitality future . In any case, what makes these batteries perfect for driving contraptions is likewise what makes them defenseless against bursting into flames, says Donal Finegan, a substance engineer at University College London. "They are so vitality thick and can work under such high force that they can combust in an especially cataclysmic manner." The overheating of any gadget or segment is brought about by an ascent in temperature which can be because of the earth, or through head moved to the battery from another segment inside the telephone. Likewise, warming could start inside the battery itself, which is what was seen as the purpose for the battery cell issue in Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 cell phone. Telephones don't contain fans or any fluid cooling system that you may discover in games supports and the same, because of their little convenient size. This implies the warmth produced must emanate into the environment, yet on the off chance that this doesn't occur, heat is created quicker than it very well may be dispersed. At the point when a battery comes to about 100ºC its materials start to separate, making a procedure called 'warm rampant'. Warm out of control is where an expansion in temperature changes the conditions and triggers a substance chain response which causes a further increment in temperature.

Li-particle cells are comprised of loads of layers, every one of which comprises of a positive and a negative terminal that are isolated by a protector. At the point when it is charged, lithium particles stream from positive to negative and particles come back to the positive cathode as the battery channels. At the point when materials inside a phone move around, the electrically protecting layer isolating the cathodes can tear, causing a short out. This short out can make a sparkle. Indeed, even the littlest of flashes inside a little battery is sufficient to kick-start the warm rampant procedure. Moreover, it is realized that lithium particles are conveyed by an electrolyte arrangement, an incredibly unstable fluid. At the point when warmed, electrolytes produce gas bubbles that cause a cell to lose its auxiliary honesty and accordingly, could make a short out.

Rectangular batteries, similar to the one utilized in Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 are progressively inclined to disappointment contrasted with round and hollow ones. This is on the grounds that chambers have a focal help which implies that it is more earnestly for any inner layers to distort. They likewise have a break circle in the center which will cut off when the current is extended to forestall shortcircuiting. Telephones don't have these safeguards that accompany the barrel shaped shape as they are limited by the attractive little size. Batteries are not as protected as they could be, on the grounds that researchers and designers must oblige the requests of producers who incline toward these superior, yet less steady, cells.

Everybody is looking to get a littler telephone thus batteries must be as little as conceivable in size to either take into consideration the shrinkage of the telephone in size, or for the propelling innovation being included to these cell phones with each new discharge. This year was the passing of the earphone jack on a few famous telephones, including the iPhone; the earphone jack's previous space was currently busy with other innovation.

Data discharged by portable investigation firm Apteligent shows an expected selection pace of the Galaxy Note 7 cell phone from August through to October, indicating various drops and rises following the cell phone's review.

After the review, the appropriation rate at that point increased again before experiencing another drop. While the drop happened because of clients being not able the buy the sharpen, the chart rapidly rises again to address itself by the next end of the week.

The diagram shows that utilization of the telephone, while declining, is still as high as when the main review was reported back in August. A huge number of the cell phone are still in administration and Samsung may never recover these, notwithstanding the telephone's notoriety for actually detonating.

The proceeded with utilization of the cell phone could represent an extraordinary hazard to the general population. For instance, on seventh September, a lodging was burned to the ground and a man was left with consumes after his Samsung cell phone detonated, blasting into blazes as he dozed in his lodging. The mishap purportedly caused AUD$1,300 which Samsung offered to pay.

Because of the progressing disaster, Samsung have set up drop-off focuses in air terminals and sent flame resistant boxes to the 2.5 million individuals who have purchased the telephone since its dispatch in August, with the goal that the telephones can be reviewed securely. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has made conveying this cell phone on a plane a criminal offense. Samsung's financial exchange esteem fell by a colossal $22billion in only two days.


In a report posted on sixth October 2016, Samsung have said they are "sure" that they have explained the battery issues of the Galaxy Note 7 cell phone and now plan to relaunch the gadget in the UK on 28th October, in time for the standard flood of telephone deals around Christmas time. Conor Pierce, VP of Samsung's portable division in the UK told the Press Association that an assembling blunder caused the issue, "I can certainly say that the issue has been recognized – it's anything but a gadget issue – it is connected explicitly to a battery cell through an assembling mistake". He proceeds with that since the issue has been recognized, "all the best possible advances have been set up to guarantee this is never going to happen again".

Client lack of concern is a colossal issue when attempting to review the detonating Galaxy Note 7 gadgets as individuals expect that the blasts won't transpire in the wake of taking a gander at measurements. The AP reports that Samsung will be giving a product update in South Korea for any individual who wouldn't like to promptly trade their Note 7 cell phone. This update will constrain the battery life to simply 60% which they accept will comprehend the 'detonating issue'. Keeping the battery level low could diminish the danger of overheating because of the battery shortcircuiting, yet it is to the detriment of the battery life of the telephone. It stays misty when the update might be given abroad. This update is viewed as to some degree an 'edgy measure' as Samsung attempt to contain the battery blasts while individuals are not restoring their telephones