Cultural competency

In order to increase our cultural competency, we must increase awareness of cultural encounters. In other words, take a step back and, without judgement, simply observe yourself during cultural encounters.

reflect on a cultural encounter you experienced this past week. Give a brief description of the interaction and comment on what you noticed about your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors

Sample Answer

Cultural competency can be defined from two co-joined words. That is, culture and competence. It remains undisputable that culture refers to integrated patterns of human behavior and this incorporates the social, economic and political dimensions of the society. Competence on the other hand refers to the ability to function effectively


visit miss understanding that an expressions degree doesn't make a solid vocation prospect. This in light of the fact that dissimilar to numerous professional degrees which set you up for a particular occupation, a Bachelor of Arts degree is centered around expanding an understudy's information and basic deduction aptitudes in various territories, for example, history, writing, workmanship and reasoning which clearly doesn't prompt an immediate activity however gives you numerous ways as far as the manner in which you think when you start a vocation.

Taking part expressions understudies center around considering thoughts, speculations in culture, development, society, thinking, language, history and some more. The Bachelor of Arts causes understudies to shape an expansive comprehension about the about their general surroundings and the route people from the at various times associate and interface. This information is imperative to shape a developed expansive comprehension of our advanced society just as expository aptitudes and basic correspondence and thinking abilities. The motivation behind this paper is to recognize that an expressions degree is important and gives valuable abilities, for example, basic reasoning and perusing, composing and talking aptitudes that will constantly advantageous later on just as when starting a new position.

A Bachelor of Arts degree is very functional and helpful when new to the workforce. The motivation behind an expressions degree is to illuminate your comprehension of the world and how it functions. This is strengthened by the way that basic reasoning abilities are indispensable and utilized in our regular day to day existence and are trained when finishing an expressions degree. As indicated by Tara DeLecce, basic reasoning aptitudes are characterized as "making contemplated decisions that are coherent and well-considered. It is a perspective in which you don't just acknowledge all contentions and ends you are presented to but instead have a disposition including addressing such contentions and ends" DeLecce (2015) basic reasoning abilities are broken into three primary classes interest; which the longing is to learn data and have the right proof just as being presented to new Ideas and data. The subsequent distrust; which isn't thinking everything straight away however having a reasonable addressing demeanor lastly lowliness; which is the capacity to recognize that your feelings and Beliefs perhaps wrong when presented with persuading proof. Having these abilities which were acquired by finishing an expressions degree enables a person to have an open mentality as far as your work just as your encompassing schools. Then again, many contradict basic reasoning and accept that it doesn't have an effective result when utilized in regular daily existence, Carl Hendrick a profes