cultural encounter

In order to increase our cultural competency, we must increase awareness of cultural encounters. In other words, take a step back and, without judgement, simply observe yourself during cultural encounters.

reflect on a cultural encounter you experienced this past week. Give a brief description of the interaction and comment on what you noticed about your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Sample Solution

Cultural Encounters are introductions of different cultures that result in significant events following whether they are negative, like war, or positive, like cultural collaboration that advances sciences, medicines, education among others. The term cross cultural implies interaction with

As could be deducted from the writing examined above, most investigations led on this subject location likeness, without explicitly taking a gander at disparity. An investigation that looked at this was one directed by Green, Anderson, and Shivers (1996). Their outcomes showed that sex divergence is identified with lower quality LMX. Be that as it may, these discoveries are to be deciphered with alert as the example was predominantly female. To finish up, the discoveries on the impact of (dis)similarity on LMX are conflicting. A purpose behind this could be that the impacts of (dis)similarity in socioeconomics, right now, might be excessively far reaching and awry across various gatherings and societies (Douglas, 2012).

Sexual orientation, LMX, and OCB

Hierarchical citizenship conduct, additionally know as “extra-job conduct”, is the demonstration of taking on undertakings that are not officially appointed to the representative yet that do influence the association’s presentation. These practices incorporate helping associates, doing additional work, and staying away from pointless clashes (Robbins, 2001; Estiri, Amiri, Khajeheian, and Rajey, 2017). Specialists guarantee that OCB comprises of various measurements, including philanthropy, uprightness, community ethicalness, and sportsmanship (Netemeyer, Moles, Mckee, and McMurrian, 1997; Podsakoff, MacKenzie, Paine, and Bachrach, 2000). Benevolence is the worry for other people (for example deliberately helping associates); honesty is the eagerness to play out one’s errands in the most ideal manner conceivable; community temperances incorporate regarding the association’s guidelines and acting capably on the work floor; and sportsmanship for the most part incorporates having the option to take analysis and give productive input.

Numerous factors appear to influence OCB, including certainty, hierarchical equity, trust, duty, and so on. In any case, administration styles, and especially LMX, appear to have the biggest impact. Research recommends a positive connection among LMX and OCB (Estiri et al., 2017). Besides, it is proposed that sexual orientation significantly affects OCB. A few examinations have seen ladies as bound to show OCB, and