Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL)

Conduct a literature search in the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health Literature (CINAHL) using the terms middle range theory, mid-range theory, and nursing. Select one of the articles where the development of the middle range theory is the major focus of the paper. Share the article citation and describe how the theory was developed.

In healthcare administration, medication errors cause patient harm can result in death and ultimately raise the cost of health (Seibert, Maddox, Flynn, & Williams, 2014). In an effort to provide safe and efficient care to patients, investigated and approved methods should be employed to help curb the ever-rising effects of medication errors. Such develop mechanisms were seen under Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied Health

By shifting the terminating point α1 the armature voltage applied to the engine will be fluctuated and thus the speed can be controlled underneath the appraised speed.when α2 is differed, at that point the speed can be controlled over the evaluated speed.

A smoothing inductor L is embedded in arrangement with the armature circuit to diminish the wave in armature current.

Armature and field control of DC engine drive utilizing controlled rectifiers

Single Phase Converter Drive:

To diminish the waves in the field circuit current, field circuit of engine is nourished through a solitary stage semi converter drive.The load is exceptionally inductive, thus the yield current is viewed as nonstop current.

During the positive half pattern of the info supply, T will be forward one-sided and it conducts from ωt = α to π. At ωt = π, the thyristor T will be turned around one-sided, thus yield voltage will be zero driving ωt from π to 2π.

The inductor La in the engine will invert its extremity because of which freewheeling diode will be forward one-sided.

Single Phase Fully Controlled Rectifier Drives

Single Phase Full Converter Drive

Figure shows single stage full converter drive. Expect armature current Ia is steady. Here, the heap is DC engine. Full converter comprises of 4 SCRs and load.During the positive half cycle (0 to π) SCR T1 and T2 are forward one-sided.

At ωt = α, SCR T1 and T2 are activated and goes to the on state. These two SCRs leads up to π + α during the period (α to π + α), SCR T1 and T2 are ON state.