Write a 1500-word argumentative essay on one of these 2 topics:
1. There is little value to democracy.
2.Demonizing media is healthy for democracy.
Minimum of 5 sources.

Sample Answer

Democracy is a form of government or political system where the people retain the power to decide who governs them and for what period of time. Components of democracy include freedom of assembly, minority right, right to life, consent and freedom of speech. Ideally, democracy exists in two forms: direct democracy and representative democracy. Whereas in direct democracy the people directly decide their own affairs, representative democracy is a system where the people donate their sovereignty to elected leaders to govern on their behalf and is manifested in institutions like parliament, judiciary and the executive. ‘To make democracy work, we must be a nation of participants, not simply observers. One who does not vote has no right to complain’-Louis L’Amour.

September 6, 2015 the primary month of my lesser year of secondary school year began to move around. My closest companion and I were strolling up the front strides to the entryway of our secondary school. As we strolled through the entryways there were red notice gives all up the dividers and before each water fountain and restroom. The entirety of my individual colleagues and I check out our study hall bewildered and confounded. The PA framework sounded all through our corridors with our chief's blasting voice. "Great morning understudies, as you have all observed there are signs posted before each water source in the school. The city of Flint has given a highly sensitive situation because of the ongoing increment of lead into our water framework, and this water has been esteemed hazardous, so starting at now kindly don't drink the water for your security." A haze of dread and stun filled the little study hall that we as a whole sat in. "Did we drink water that was loaded up with lead?!?" a my companion marissa said wildly. "What occurs on the off chance that we drank the water?" another voice rang out from the back of the homeroom. My telephone hummed inside my pocket. Content FROM MOM lit up my screen, "Joe don't drink the water at school, Flint is everywhere throughout the news for being in a highly sensitive situation in view of the water!" I sat and contemplated to myself I drank the water a week ago in light of the fact that I didn't bring my water bottle from home, imagine a scenario where I have an excess of lead in my body. Shouldn't something be said about a year ago, that is the point at which they exchanged the water?

On December 14, 2015, President Barack Obama announced a highly sensitive situation in the city of Flint after various endeavors to tidy up the water emergency that had recently begun its fear in a previously broken, neediness ridden city in Genesee County, Michigan. The water line had been changed to the Flint River water to reduce expenses while building another pipeline to Lake Huron. After the water supply line had been changed from Lake Huron supply to the Flint River water supply, 100,000 Flint inhabitants had been influenced by the rising lead levels. One of the most impeding impacts of the water emergency was the just about 9,000 kids that had been accounted for that had been presented to dangerous levels of lead (Water Crisis Facts). With previously being a neediness stricken city, the United States most unfortunate city was weakening. In the wake of exchanging the water supply, the EPA glaringly missed that the pH of the two water supplies were radically extraordinary. Because of the pH being lower than guideline set by EPA, and no treatment so as to balance the pH, the acridity of the water caused the mineral sublayer of the funnels to erode, and discharge the lead to be discharged into the water supply. Albeit limited quantities of lead are available in the blood of an individual's body, as per Michael A. Edwards, a natural specialist from Virginia Tech, the sum present in the Flint water was multiple times bigger than the 15 ppb (parts per billion). "We tried different houses from around Flint, and the outcomes were bewildering, we have never observed anything like this, it was on its very own association." With this been stated, a monster worry that numerous onlookers stress over are the measure of youngsters influenced by the lead utilization. Lead utilization at the levels that the offspring of Flint confronted are inconvenient to their wellbeing including development absconds, subjective development, and even passing. With every one of the issues that could emerge during the lifetime of the kids influenced by this calamity, it could influence ages to pursue.

In the start of 2014, the Flint Water emergency connected and annihilated the lives of numerous individuals, particularly kids. The measure of lead that filled their sinks, containers, and baths was multiple times more than the protected sum, on account of this the kids were presented to a component that could influence their brain and life for eternity. Lead is a characteristic component which is likewise a neurotoxin that can be toxic at elevated levels. Because of the high introduction of a such a solid neurotoxin, this can cause the interruption of a youngster's intellectual advancement. In view of an investigation led by a gathering of specialists from New England Journal of Medicine, youngsters with high lead levels scored roughly 30% lower on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children, and essentially lower on subtests, for example, discourse and sound-related preparing and ability to focus (Needleman, Herbert, and so forth.) Lee-Anne Walters, mother of twin young men influenced by high lead levels clarifies that "The young men knew their hues and numbers and their ABCs, and they're being retaught every one of these things now in light of what's occurred. What befell my kids to the kids in my locale, that is not OK. It's removed their honesty. It's not something that they can get back."

Inside a city of 100,000 individuals, many being kids there are roughly 40 schools that are inadequately supported inside the Flint zone (Genesee Area Schools). With a significant number of the Flint school regions scarcely having enough financing to remain open and working, a greater part of the schools don't have programs for kids with learning inabilities. As a result of going to class that is secretly supported, our area had the chance to have a program that we uncommonly made for kids that had been influenced by the Flint water emergency and had learning inabilities as a result of it. In any case, because of such a high destitution rate in Flint, numerous guardians couldn't manage the cost of the cost of educational cost so as to take an interest in the specialized curriculum program, in this manner many battling understudies couldn't get the assistance required so as to recover the information that was lost in light of intellectual improvement issues.

Another comparing issue having to do with introduction to significant levels of lead in kids is their development and real advancement. In light of lead being so poisonous, it assaults the focal sensory system making the mind not discharge development hormones youngsters need to develop and develop. Lead harming inside kids ages 5 and beneath can cause the transformation of three qualities inside the body that influence the components of development (Lidsky). While high utilization of lead essentially influences kids whose' body can't work too and productively, it additionally incredibly influences young ladies that are prospective moms. Lead harming can be passed from moms that live with lead defilement. Lead amasses and is put away in bone for a considerable length of time and these bone lead stores may represent a danger to ladies of conceptive age long after their introduction to lead has finished. In certain investigations, the commitments from endogenous (bone) and exogenous (natural) sources on maternal blood lead levels were about equivalent (Chuang). Notwithstanding move of lead between an embryo and it's mom through the umbilical rope, lead can likewise be moved from breastfeeding beca an in bosom milk additionally increment with the lead level in maternal blood, representing an extra hazard to the neonate. High calcium consumption (>2000 mg/day) may constrict pregnancy‐induced increments in maternal blood lead focuses by diminishing maternal bone resorption or demineralization during pregnancy and the ensuing arrival of lead from the bone (Johnson, 2001).