Determining credibility of an article

• Explain the criteria that should be used when determining the credibility of journal articles as well as websites.
• Support your explanations with references to the literature or research articles that describe criteria that should be used to determine credibility.

Sample Answer


.In general parlance, articles from scholarly, peer reviewed, academic and referred journals are thought to be more credible than articles from popular or trade journals since they usually pass through rigorous review process and have several reference or citations. In the search for credible journals and websites, there several criteria that is used to achieve such ends. This can take the form of evaluating the qualities of a credible source which include timeliness, authority, audience, relevance and perspective.

. With 37% of European gas originating from Russia, (Kottasová, 2018) Russia has a ground-breaking position over Europe. There is a comparative circumstance in Saudi Arabia where authorizations have been forced after the death of columnist Jamal Khashoggi. Anyway like Russia the world is as yet subject to Saudi oil. This shows how the universal economy of an oligarchic state is subject to the activities of their pioneers yet additionally how subordinate governments are on their assets. This implies if an oligarchic state would not have assets which different nations are subject to they could be totally closed off by sanctions. This is critical to note while talking about whether a despotic or oligarchic state would be better.

3.3 Characteristics of the European economy

After the Second World War, the European nations needed to ensure that another war could never happen again. The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxemburg and West Germany saw that a significant advance for forestalling another war in Europe was financial participation. Subsequently these six nations shaped the European Coal and Steel Community in 1951. (Fligstein, 1999) Due to the achievement of the European Coal and Steel Community, these six nations needed to increment monetary participation and incorporation by shaping another financial association: the European Economic Community. "The EEC framed to extend the exercises of the partnership to collaboration in agrarian approaches and different mechanical strategies. The Treaty of Rome which delivered the EEC, had the objective of diminishing levies and other exchange boundaries, along these lines advancing organized commerce and monetary development." (Fligstein, 1999) The EEC got mainstream and nations as the United Kingdom and Greece chose to join the financial association. The EEC advanced a free inside market and along these lines invigorated financial development in Europe. This implies the EEC advanced a free market economy and attempted to restrain the utilization of taxes and exchange hindrances. The individuals from the EEC all concurred that financial participation united them both monetarily and strategically. This brought about the arrangement of the European Union in 1993.

From this story one can infer that since the finish of the Second World War, European nations have been centered around keeping up a free European market and on animating monetary collaboration. As brought up by dr. Nienke de Deugd, activities of European nations that undermine the free European market will be dismissed by the EU. The EU will never utilize brutality to accomplish their objectives, yet will concentrate on forcing sanctions against the express that hinders one of their key qualities, both financially and strategically. (De Deugd, 2018)

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