Describe two distinct diverse groups (Economically disadvantaged students/Children in Poverty), (Students with single parents) within U.S. (Texas) student population. To help an educator gain knowledge of each diversity group, cite source information to support your description in part A. When discussing your two diverse groups, please address the following: *Definition/description of each of your groups. For examples: Criteria for economically disadvantaged families. *Demographic Information -representation of each of your groups in U.S. (Texas) population. Describe a challenge that each identified group (I.e., one challenge for each group) May experience in a school setting related to their diversity background.

Sample Solution

Diversity has always been a part of the classroom, but in today’s society and with globalization in handy, it is even more important to embrace and promote the different cultures. In school setting, we still meet the diversity as learners are brought from different walks of life

believe that protecting the oceans and the animals in it should be one of humanities top priorities. Many of the world’s people live off a strictly pescatarian diet. If we lose the coral reefs, it can lead to starvation for many people. Also, there are thousands of small businesses all over the world that rely on reefs and are already feeling the effects of bleaching. I believe that each person has a natural duty to leave the Earth the same, if not, better than it was before we were born. I know that one important step to solving this problem is awareness. Many people live their lives completely unaware of what is happening in the world around them. It is important to let them know that the reefs are being destroyed, and how that will affect their lives or other’s.
Another step I would take to solve this problem is to encourage people to fight the problems that are causing the temperatures to rise. Extreme amounts of pollution from many different industries are to blame for the immense amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere. I believe that people should not only push for stricter legislation on emissions but take that extra step and reduce or even cut out their use of products in these industries. I know that I, and everyone else, are to blame for what is going on. The hardest part of this challenge is to get people to realize that what they do every day, no matter how common it is, has an actual effect on the world. People are so blinded by the fact that it doesn’t effect their day to day life that they don’t see that eventually it will lead to that if we don’t act quick.
The problem of rising ocean temperature and coral bleaching will not go away on its own, and people need to make a group effort to prevent further damage. This problem that we are facing is a very important one to me, and I hope to do my part everyday to prevent it. My role in this issue has just begun, and I hope to get involved and find ways to help cure this issue. If we don’t take action, our children and our grandchildren will never get to see the natural beauty of our oceans.