Educating adolescent about Sexual Transmitted Infections.

Prepare a brief literature review and findings related to best practices with at least three scholarly resources cited in APA (6th ed.) format
Your work should include:
Identification of an advanced practice nursing issue or practice problem of concern
Design a research question using the PICOT format
Plan, Do, Study, Act Process that could be used
Any implications that the investigation might have for nursing practice.
During this review, you will use the PICOT questioning format/formula to develop an answerable research question. All elements are listed below:
P: Population/disease (age, gender, ethnicity, disorder)
I: Intervention or variable of interest (exposure to a disease, risk behavior, prognostic factor)
C: Comparison (a placebo or “business as usual” such as no disease, absence of risk factor, or prognostic factor B)
O: Outcome (risk of disease, accuracy of a diagnosis, rate of occurrence of adverse outcome)
T: Time (the time it takes to demonstrate an outcome; e.g., the time it takes for the intervention to achieve an outcome or how long participants are observed)

Sample Answer

Nursing is one of the most diverse yet evolving institutions in the world. The institution has developed over time through the incorporation of practices that ensure there is efficiency in service delivery and the entire progress of the institution. It will be a mere hearsay not to mention that the practice is experiencing a lot of challenges.


is part of the Solow Model that propose that all economies under equivalent conditions join after some time to have a similar measure of salary per laborer. In other words that the hole between the rich and poor nation will contract. This is on the grounds that in poor nations, each extra unit of capital would have more noteworthy returns than in the more extravagant nations since they have begun with substantially less capital. What's more, the more extravagant nations will encounter the reducing return of capital in an a lot higher degree. In reality, this give a clarification why China GDP has had a normal development pace of almost 10% in the course of the most recent 25 years while the GDP development pace of the UK has just been around 0.5% for precisely the same time allotment.

Along these lines, if the Solow model holds after some time has china expanded its degree of capital it will join with the UK, until the two of them have about a similar pay for each specialist.

• New Growth Theory

The new development hypothesis is named as an endogenous development hypothesis, since this hypothesis expect that mechanical advancement is endogenous, which is in opposition to what the neo-old style development hypothesis accept. In fact, the neo-old style development depends on exogenous sparing rate, populace development and mechanical advancement.

Besides, the new development hypothesis expect that the negligible result of capital is a consistent component, yet in the neo-old style development hypothesis, the capital is thought to be decreasing on return.

The new development model, whenever examined under the system of money related economy, the rela