Education Impact on Income

How does a person's educational level impact their income?

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It goes with no doubt that an increasing number of inhabitants with higher levels of education provide conditions for formation and development of knowledge and or information society. In modern society, the significance of education has increased and there is high competitiveness in almost all the sector of the economy. The need for


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Loma Linda University: Admission Essay

Q 1: The LLU has amazing features that I, as a student with great interest in Biochemistry, would not want to forfeit. The open house is one such feature, which offers students from diverse cultural backgrounds to interact. Moreover, the entire University, especially the School of Medicine, has its values deeply rooted in Christian doctrines, which I find quite befitting and interesting. Lastly, its expansive and properly furnished laboratories offer an unimaginable opportunity for an aspiring student like me (LLU, 2013).

Q 2: My spiritual and development have played a significant role in my life. While I did not grow up in the Adventist community, I have strong Christian principles, which have largely shaped my view of the world, and the lives therein. I believe in the Existence of one God, especially when I watch the unfortunate things happening around us, which are inexplicable, brought to a sudden end. Since this great reverence of the sacredness of life flows within me, I tend to lay my trust in God, especially in my field of study that is closely related to Medicine.

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polymer network composite