Educational strengths and weaknesses

How is being a visual learner beneficial? (Flash cards, note taking, etc.)
How does procrastination affects learning, grades, test taking, due date assignments, staying organized, etc.
What are ways to work on procrastination and time management skills?
What are the benefits of working collaboratively on interprofessional teams?

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Ruler Philip's War was the last significant exertion of the Native Americans to drive the English homesteaders out of New England. It occurred in 1675 and 1676, and the Natives were driven by Metacom (called King Philip by the English), a Pokunoket boss. The Wampanoags, Nipmucks, Pocumtucks, and Narragansetts all united together in a wicked war that continued for 14 months and obliterated 12 outskirts towns. Nobody truly knows the succession of occasions paving the way to the war, yet the Natives had been becoming weary of the homesteaders being there since the 1660s. They had begun to totally rely upon the English for nourishment and weapons, as the hide exchange eased back, their territories were sold without assent, and pioneers needed to fit in with english ward. The war didn't have a pretty end, coming about with Metacom being caught and decapitated. A portion of the individuals who endure fled to Canada, while an unfortunate gathering who gave up were sold as slaves and sent of toward the West Indies. The locals who endure and stayed in New England as a rule kicked the bucket of illness or had to be workers. This war was one of the most noticeably terrible catastrophes of seventeenth century New England, and in connection to populace size, is viewed as the deadliest war in American history.

For the second piece of this paper, I will concentrate explicitly on Metacom. Metacom was the most youthful child of Massasoit, a Wampanoag clan pioneer who had the option to keep the harmony between the English pilgrims of Massachusetts and Rhode Island for a considerable length of time. Metacom wedded Wootonekanuske, the little girl of the Pocasset Sachem. They were accepted to have at any rate four kids together. Following the passing of Massasoit and Metacom's more established sibling, Metacom was named Sachem (boss). He was made head during a period where the fundamental exchange was English weapons and merchandise for Indian land, and Metacom understood that the entirety of this compromised Native American rule. The homesteaders likewise continually exposed the Natives to embarrassment, which further concerned Metacom. He was brought to Taunton in 1671 and had to consent to an arrangement which gave up Indian firearms. Metacom's quiet administration and steely will dazzled and terrified the pilgrims, which prompted them vilifying him and naming him as a hazard. Metacom kept everybody nervous and in accordance with dangers of beginning a disobedience, however everything was moderately tranquil until 3 Wampanoags were executed in Plymouth for killing an inborn witness. Viciousness followed, and the fatal war started. For the initial scarcely any fights, Metacom drove his contingent included numerous New England clans to triumph. Be that as it may, things began to go downhill from that point. Nourishment turned out to be rare and the clans that used to be grouped together firmly began to self-destruct. During the remainder of the war, more than 3,000 Natives and 600 pioneers were executed. Metacom, seeing that Native thrashing was unavoidable, come back to his unique home at Mount Hope. While he was there, a witness sold out him and he was executed in one last fight. He was executed and his head was mounted on a stake for a long time in Plymouth. By and large, King Philip's War finished a by and large tranquil timeframe among New England Settlers and Natives. After the war, the English populace developed quickly, bringing about weight for Natives to surrender their territory and move somewhere else. The war was lost by the Native Americans, and accordingly, a large number of those clans that took an interest in that disobedience such a long time ago are gone or a lot littler at this point. A large number of individuals lost their lives, and it's significant that we recollect debacles like this so we can gain from them and guarantee that these disasters don't occur once more.

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