Effective Employee Relations

What is usually the major problem associated with a manager’s claim to having an open door policy? Why? Why is a department manager’s visibility and availability to employees considered important? Why is it necessary for a department manager to pay any particular attention to employees who steadily fulfill their responsibilities and cause no problems Explain the cost of turnover? Explain how a manager can use an employee assistance program? Reading resources: Fallon and McConnell: Read Chapter 5, 14, 15 How to manage an employee disciplinary situation http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=itfE-0BjVTw

Sample Answer

Top manager visibility captures the degree to which those in command of an organization are physically visible in the workplace. Top management visibility is important because it serves a symbolic function, signaling that someone is actively in command of the organization. Visibility helps increase revenue in a cost-effective manner. This one is no secret. More visibility equals more potential customers, and more people who can refer you to others. It's important that potential customers can locate your business.

mpany stock in every one of the ten workplaces around the nation and give the crowd week by week signs about where they are found. Biggley doesn't care for the thought, until Finch clarifies that each sign will be given by the negligibly dressed World Wide Wicket Treasure Girl: Hedy LaRue.

During the primary network show, Hedy is advised to swear on a Bible that she doesn't have the foggiest idea about the area of the prizes. Biggley had in certainty disclosed to Hedy the areas the earlier night and Hedy alarms, uncovering the areas to the whole TV crowd. This prompts all the Wicket workers to destroy the workplaces searching for them. The book discloses to Finch that on the off chance that he is the reason for the calamity, to re-read the primary section on the best way to go after a position.

The officials, including Chairman of the Board Wally Womper, are trusting that Finch will submit his abdication. Finch discloses to Rosemary that he will most likely come back to washing windows, yet Rosemary guarantees him that she will at present love him regardless ("I Believe in You (Reprise)"). Bud lands to take Finch to the workplace. Similarly as Finch is going to sign his letter of acquiescence, uncovers to the officials that he was in reality a window washer before going to the organization. Womper is attracted to Finch as he, as well, was a window washer. Finch skilfully accuses the fortune chase for Frump, likewise referencing to Womper that Frump is Biggley's nephew. Womper is going to fire every one of the administrators when Finch steps in for everybody's benefit, disclosing to Finch him that despite the fact that the business world is a spot loaded up with double-crossing and seriousness, the World Wide Wicket staff resembles a family to him ("Brotherhood of Man"). Every one of the administrators are saved, Bud Frump, in any case, is terminated.

Biggley remains leader of the organization, Womper resigns to venture to the far corners of the planet with his new spouse, Hedy, and Finch turns into the new Chairman of the Board. Rosemary remains close by and rouses him to become President of the United States. Slob finds a new line of work as a window washer, swearing retribution against Finch and perusing How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying ("Finale").