Electrolytes in Body Fluids.

Research some of the common electrolytes found in your body. Pick one common electrolyte in your body to complete your discussion on.
Answer the following questions as your post with a minimum of 10 sentences:
1. What are the functions of the electrolyte in your body?
2. What happens if you have an increase in the amount of the electrolyte in your body?
3. What happens if you have a decrease in the amount of the electrolyte in your body?
4. How do you treat an electrolyte imbalance?

Sample Answer

Biologically, electrolytes are substances that mutate into ions in solutions and obtain the ability to conduct electricity. In almost all cases, electrolytes get into human body through the food and drinks we consume on daily basis and the balance is essential for normal body functioning in cells and organs. These electrolytes include potassium, bicarbonate and potassium and chloride. Electrolytes have numerous functions on human body that include maintenance of water balance, helping in muscle contraction and relaxation and transmission of nerve impulse. The human body has tendency of detecting when there is too much or less amount of electrolytes hence reacts differently.

In spite of having a rich history of baseball and the most seasoned proficient establishment, Cincinnati has regularly battled with participation, especially as of late. In any event, when the Reds have season finisher appearance seasons, the participation increments marginally, yet the main reliably sell out groups accompany opening day. When the Reds alongside inhabitants of Cincinnati, fans, and baseball aficionados as a rule kick off with their yearly stylized first pitch of the period, participation starts to wane. We have been allocated to the assignment of determining issues and destinations of the Reds, investigating sports shopper statistical surveying identified with the group, the city of Cincinnati, and the socioeconomics of baseball fans, talking about our discoveries from this examination, and prescribing advertising arrangements so as to accomplish our objectives. We trust that through our endeavors to make progressively special occasions and to a greater degree a network climate at Reds games, we will see an expansion in normal home game participation in future seasons.

Maybe the best thing the Reds have at present going for them is their yearly opening day march, square gathering, and obviously opening day game. This custom every year is something Cincinnati inhabitants anticipate, with participation numbers expanding every year. The city is pleased with their group and its history, and everybody meets up as a network to celebrate and watch baseball. Since the groups rich history is such a significant piece of these festivals and being a Reds fan as a rule, we trust it is critical to give a concise foundation on the Cincinnati Reds.

In 1866, the Cincinnati Red Stockings were established, turning into the principal straightforwardly all-proficient baseball crew in 1869. The group currently known as the Cincinnati Reds started its expert battle winning 130 games in succession somewhere in the range of 1869 and 1870, until they were eventually crushed just because by the Brooklyn Atlantics. The group broke up not long after as a couple of players went to Boston alongside the namesake, establishing the Boston Red Stockings, who might later turn into the cutting edge Atlanta Braves. The new Cincinnati Red Stockings group turned into a sanction individual from the National League five years after the fact in 1876, anyway they were ousted following the 1880 season for disregarding rules, for example, serving lager at games and utilizing their ballpark on Sundays. The third Cincinnati Red Stockings group was established the next year and was a contract individual from the American Association, the new adversary alliance. In the wake of winning the Association flag in 1882 and playing for 9 seasons in the class, they chose to leave and join the national League alongside the Brookyln Dodgers (Young, N.d.).

It was during this alliance switch when the Red Stockings turned into the 'Reds' as we probably am aware them today. The Red's had a rough history during the mid 1900s, after it was found that the Chicago White Sox group who they vanquished in the 1919 big showdown were blamed for purposefully losing in return for cash from a betting syndicate. It wasn't until 1940 when they rehashed as National League Champions and caught their first genuine World Championship. It was during this time the Red's caught numerous noteworthy accomplishments as they were the principal group to have a night game in 1935, Johnny Vander Meer turned into the main pitcher to toss consecutive no-hitters in 1938, and Joe Nuxhall turned into the most youthful individual to ever play in a significant alliance game at age 15 of every 1944 (Augustyn, 2016).

During the 1954 season, the Reds chose to change their name to the Redlegs because of the progressing ascent of Communism and the Second Red Scare, anyway the name didn't get on and was turned around before the 1959 season. In the late 1950s and mid 1960s it became supposed that the Reds were one of the conceivable National League clubs being considered to move to New York. Nonetheless, during this time, Frank Robinson had gone onto the scene and participation at Red's games was expanding, which eventually halted the gossipy tidbits. After some time, the Red's homestead framework had started to create future stars of the group, for example, Pete Rose, Tony Pérez and Johnny Bench. They likewise abstained from being moved to San Diego after Cincinnati consented to fabricate fresh out of the plastic new cutting edge arena downtown, and the group entered a 30-year rent in return so as to keep the establishment in its home city. In the late 1960s, under GM Bob Howsam and Head Coach Sparky Anderson, the Big Red Machine was conceived. There was an exacting group rule keeping players from developing mustaches, facial hair, and long hair, giving the group a well put together look and depicting the players as customary and healthy. By 1975 the group had twisted consecutive titles with an elegant lineup that included Tony Pérez, Pete Rose, and Ken Griffey. In the first of the two World Series runs, one of the most vital baseball snapshots ever way conceived when Carlton Fisk hit a stroll off grand slam in the base of the twelfth inning which he 'waved reasonable' and scarcely hit the left field foul post to compel game seven. The Red's at last fixed their fate the following day and proceeded to win in 1976 also, turning into the first NL group since the 1921-22 New York Giants to win Back to Back World Series Championships. It wasn't until 1990 under Lou Piniella that the Red's would win their next World Series Championship, coming as a stun as they cleared the Oakland Athletics in four games as longshots. (Fleming, n.d.)

After 2002, Cinergy Field was obliterated and Great American Ball Park was opened. Participation improved in light of the new office, anyway the group battled in spite of huge hitting by Ken Griffey Jr. what's more, Adam Dunn, as a result of their poor pitching. Wounds turned into a typical issue with the Reds during the mid 2000s as the group for the most part would begin the year solid however vacillate as the season found some conclusion, keeping them from gaining a season finisher spot for ten seasons in succession, and just completing over .500 of every one of those seasons. The cutting edge Reds group has not been extremely effective either, and therefore participation is low at Great American Ballpark and doesn't rank well by and large in the association.

The noteworthy past of the Reds is maybe their most prominent quality, yet there are numerous outside circumstances that have not been gained by so as to improve participation numbers. The ongoing absence of star power and accomplishment on the field has made normal participation fall, notwithstanding an expanded energy on opening day every year. We will presently separate the Reds utilizing SWOT examination so as to all the more likely comprehend the qualities, shortcomings, openings and dangers that the group as of now manages.

As we recently stressed, the Reds is the most seasoned proficient establishment with a huge history. This capability is totally helpful for its activity over the long haul. Additionally, we found the Reds have a significant quality with regards to internet based life followings. The Cincinnati Reds Facebook page at present has around 1.27 million fans (Facebook fans, N.d.). It positions seventeenth in the MLB in spite of being one of the littler markets for MLB groups. Indeed, even some prevailing groups, for example, the Cleveland Indians (sixteenth), Houston Astros (positions eighteenth), and Washington Nationals (26th ) are in bigger markets yet the Reds figure out how to keep extremely focused numbers. Moreover, the Reds rank eighteenth in twitter supporters with 817,000 as of April 2018. This positions higher than Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Washington D.C. who all have bigger markets than the Reds (Twitter adherents, N.d.). The last quality the Reds presently have is their generally new arena in Great American Ballpark. They have appeared to get criticism well as after fans whined that the nourishment was not extraordinary at the ballpark, new cafés were included including a very good quality games bar in 2017. They have included neighborhood Cincinnati staples like Montgomery Inn BBQ, Skyline Chili, Frisch's Big Boy, and Penn Station Subs to mollify their fan's culinary wants (Vorholt, 2017).

The Reds have a huge open door as far as topographical territory populace. While the city of Cincinnati itself on has 298,000 occupants, the Greater Cincinnati metropolitan territory has 2,114,580 occupants, which incorporates provinces from Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana (US Census Bureau, n.d.). It is unquestionably useful over the long haul for the Reds to fabricate fan networks inside these districts so as to improve normal participation. They additionally just have one other elite athletics group to contend with in the territory, being the Cincinnati Bengals of the NFL, so there is no genuine risk of adversary fan bases that the Reds need to manage. Alongside this, they have the chance to showcase their faithfulness to the city as there have been various ideas for the Reds to move to different urban areas, yet the group has stayed in Cincinnati all through their whole presence.

As a rule, the best soft spot for the Reds is their powerlessness to fill Great American Ballpark. Their absence of ongoing achievement positively has a huge influence in this as the last time the Reds made the end of the season games were in 2012, as they lost in the special case game in 2013. Anyway even in their progressively fruitful seasons, a significant part of the ballpark is still left vacant. Likewise, the Reds have exchanged headliners like Johnny Cueto, Aroldis Chapman, and Todd Frazier, leaving them with insignificant star capacity to draw swarms. Since they have not had exceptionally effective seasons lately, the fan base will in general be more established from the days when Cincinnati had headliners and won World Series Championships. This leaves a major hole in the more youthful age of fans, a market that has not been effectively taken advantage of yet. Moreover, information shows that the Reds finance positioned 15 in the MLB in 2018 (Statista, 2018). Be that as it may, the most significant factor identified with the finance and program of the group is that the Reds didn't sign geniuses as free operators lately.