a) How important is it to have a great Management Team for a new business to thrive? Explain. b) Why sometimes the power of the founder of a business can be a real problem for the business. Describe. c) Describe why the term " executive groupthink" could be a problem when managing a new business? (Look up what groupthink means). d) Describe why the confrontation of different ideas is important when making a difficult business decision? Why advisory boards are so important?

Sample Answer

A strong management team is particularly significant if you want the business as a whole to grow and develop. As a businessgrowsa managementteam isalso important inspreading leadership responsibility. It is crucial if: your business operates in more than one location. Sometimes, the founder of business establishment may wield unfettered powers that may be so detrimental to the organization like making crucial decisions and executing them without consulting the management, in certain instances, these decisions may not be the right ones.

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Forecasts expected to "get that precise, far reaching, long-run data without which no key board can get ready for what's to come." (Memorandum of Establishment of Service of Strategic Information, 2007). In spite of the fact that expectations depended uniquely on suppositions and theories, there was no genuine strategy for these previsions. Previsions complimented when examiners started to decide when the USSR would recoup and be prepared to challenge The United States wide open to the harshe elements War. Specialists previsioned the Cold War would just be settled through atomic war, these equivalent expectations lead the two sides, the Soviet Union and America to a race, a race of who can construct the most and ground-breaking atomic weapons. In 1960, the Soviet Union coordinated up to the United States with weapons, that lead Washington to put more into bureaucratic structures, innovation figures and PC invigorated clashes to get ready for a potential