Eriksons psychosocial Theory

In 2-3 good paragraphs:

Explain which developmental stage of Erikson's Psychosocial Theory are you? Please thoroughly explain why you selected this stage.

Sample Answer


these New Yorker ghettos.

From 1970, each house's road of each ghetto has its own posse which shields itself from sellers and from different groups; crises and even the police don't set out to wander into these rural areas where the turmoil rules and where just these savage groups set out the law.

Later on, Young African Americans and Puerto Ricans associated wrongfully their sound systems on the city streetlights. The gathering started. Taking vinyl records for parcels, two platinum's, blending work area and speaker as instruments.

Around then, an outsider plate racer from Jamaica, Kool Herc, is gradually having a notoriety in the Bronx on account of the "break moves".

These cadenced clasps become the genuine allegories of opportunity. Another melodic sexual orientation pulled by the funk, by the disco, by the stone, by the jazz, by the afro beat or by the reggae permits new types of aerobatic move, which we will call breakdance or b-kid.

The artists of the Black Art or the Black Panthers and other progressive devotees solidify the tone, by utilizing their words as their weapons. This new age of rappers attempt to get away from themselves from the road mayhem all through their ballads. The American mainstream society constantly made a wide spot for the imaginative methods for articulation of common laborers.