Ethical dilemma on fetal therapy or fetal surgery

Write about fetal surgery to correct defects. The paper should include a descripion of the topic, why the topic is an ethical dilemma, the resoning for or against the dilemma and your personal stance on the dilemma.

Sample Answer

Fetal surgery has become a controversial debate since its emergence in the 1980’s by Dr Michael Harrison also known as “the father of fetal surgery,” when he decided to look into ways doctors could fix certain defects before birth to avoid their inevitable, devastating consequences. It has since expanded its practice to a number of hospitals across the world. However, the exercise is seen to be controversial with majority of people arguing against it led by the religious group. The other group is actually for it basing their argument immensely on science. As such, the essence of this essay is to look at the dilemma state of Fetal surgery and provide a critical analysis on each case.

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