Family Observation

Observe a family that you know and describe the family scenario and the structure of the family system.
Explain the family dynamics that you observe (Is the family disengaged, enmeshed,etc.).
Describe the roles that factors such as language, religion, and family rituals (especially when it involves raising children) interplay in this family’s dynamics.
Explain how the family resolves conflict and mention the child-rearing techniques that the family often uses and the effectiveness (as perceived by the parents as well as your perception) of these techniques.
Identify a model of family support intervention that can be implemented and that could be beneficial to this family.

Sample Answer


Family is the basic social unit of any society and therefore plays a crucial role in growth of an individual and then prosperity of any nation. Moral and social ethics often start at the family level and transcends to the society and community at large. Family is the first socializing agent for any child and therefore forms part of a child’s development ultimately. There are challenges that faces families from religion, language to child-rearing techniques among others. This paper will look at the family unit critically and exploit the challenges that faces this crucial institution