1.History of fatherhood
2.What does fatherhood look like?
3.What does it mean to be a father and what is a father?
4.The importance of a father in the household, and what type of impact he has on family.
5.Need to write about father and children relationship
6.Child custody issues/the whole process of child custody (courts) and the challenges that it comes with.
7.How do children feel with only one parent in the household?
8.Impact of mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing of every family member
9.Impact of separation/divorce on children and family

Sample Answer

The history fatherhood can be traced from the time man was a hunter and gather, to the pre-industrial, to the industrial and to the very modern 21st century. In all these stages of evolution, fatherhood can be looked as an embodiment of responsibilities be it social or economic. Fatherhood is entitled with the need to provide for the family as proved through each era of human civilization. This paper will provide a comprehensive discussion on how the history of fatherhood, its significance in the household and community is felt. I will also posit the nature of the relationship inherent between the father and children and how separation impacts the well-being of children among other pertinent issues related to it.

Kate Bush is as I would like to think an amazingly shrewd arranger and this is something which can be found in her work. In the tune "And dream of sheep" She utilizes numerous systems and thoughts which give her and the melody creativity while remaining inside the popular sort of music.

Kate got well known from her appearance on Top of the Pops in 1978 where she played out her melody "Wuthering Heights" she at that point proceeded onward to composing music in the pop kind yet by putting her very own contort on everything. "Also, dream of sheep" is from the collection "Dogs of Love" which various individuals accept to be her best collection. The collection itself was authoritatively confirmed as a twofold platinum collection in which it had 600,000 deals in the UK with an aggregate of 1.1 million duplicates sold around the world. The collection itself was created as two suites. One side being Hounds of Love and the other being The Ninth Wave. Hedge depicts the collection as being "about an individual who is separated from everyone else in the water for the evening. It's about their past, present and future arriving at keep them conscious, to stop them suffocating, to stop them resting until the morning comes." This side albeit still pop has the shorter tunes on the collection on it. Because of the story Kate is attempting to portray.

The verses in this specific melody could from numerous points of view be translated in a bigger number of ways than one. My own understanding is that of one of an individual who is floating alone adrift after a potential submerged ship and is sitting tight for a type of salvage. I get this thought due to the "goodness I'll wake up to any solid of motors" practically like she hasn't lost expectation and that whenever she hears or sees a ship she will get out trusting they will discover her. What's more, in spite of the fact that the verses are very sensational the piece itself is from multiple points of view like a bedtime song. The children's song feel as I would like to think is likewise because of the utilization of the verses "let me be powerless, allowed me to rest and dream of sheep". Albeit a few people may decipher the manner in which the verses move to the individual who might be stood out adrift as floating all through cognizance before they in the end losing awareness totally.

A portion of the instruments Kate utilizes are extraordinary to this specific melody as they are not something which is regular of an ordinary popular music piece. These instruments incorporate the Irish Bouzouki (An adaption of the Greek Bouzouki) which is a guitar like instrument with metal strings. These strings are played with a plectrum and the instrument creates a sharp metallic sound. She likewise utilizes an Irish Whistle just as utilization of a radio transportation figure. In the event that you tune in to the piece Kate likewise utilizes word painting in the last words "further and more profound" where the vocal song line itself drops lower.

The fundamental structure of this piece is run of the mill of a pop hotshot. Starting with Verse 1 – Refrain – Bridge – Verse 2 – Refrain – Bridge – Outro/Coda. Anyway it doesn't have a presentation. This may have been because of the reality it is one of the shorter tunes on her 'Dogs of Love' Album.

The piece is a normal moderate number and from taking a gander at the score it is in 80bpm. The piece is in 4/4 meter yet when taking a gander at the score in bar 51 it changes to 5/4 for the bar. This is something which could be viewed as being accomplished for sensational impact. As this is the place as I would like to think the peak of the piece occurs. Anyway there are likewise focuses in the piece which the meter changes to 2/4 for instance bar 32. This as I would like to think is to help expand a portion of the all the more energizing expressions in the piece before it moves back to 4/4. Syncopation is additionally a typical event in this piece. This could be to cause the piece to have a greater amount of an intriguing song to tune in to. One regular thing to see is the possibility that the vocal material all the time begins after the main beat of the bar. This could be on the grounds that it is a serious moderate piece so by beginning after the main beat of the bar it enables the piece to be driven forward by the remainder of the instruments in the piece as the piece is a significant moderate rhythm. The piece likewise utilizes triplets anyway this is just in bar 51 in the number one spot vocal. Anyway all through the remainder of the piece trembles and semiquavers just as specked rhythms are normal.

Kate Bush was known for her fascinating tunes which are again normal in this bit of music. The explanation she was so outstanding for them is because of their unconventionality and how the songs in spite of the fact that not rise to long can sound in certainty ad libbed. Just as being known for reiteration. In 'And dream of sheep' numerous components utilized at last give the piece its intriguing nature with regards to my supposition. In the abstain which shows up at bars 8-14 just as bars 27-35 Kate utilizes minor thirds which happen to move among B and G sharp. This occurs in both of the abstains. She may have done this as it's the lead up to the primary scaffold which is to the words "let me be powerless, allowed me to rest and dream of sheep". This piece of the tune additionally falls by step back to the first beginning note.

The surface in this piece isn't something which Kate truly centers around anyway there are a few components of it which are critical to note. In spite of the fact that the piece centers basically around the vocals as connect to everything else despite everything it assumes an increasingly dynamic job during the sections just as utilizing arpeggios and infrequently multiplying the vocal line. This might be to make the vocals sound more grounded. While in the abstain and tune you can see the piano having an a lot less complex influence where it frequently utilizes square harmonies. I accept this has been done to make the vocals which are the agony center in the piece much progressively saw and significant as they are eventually as I would see it the part that recounts to the story.

Kate Bush uses a for the most part diatonic useful agreement in her pieces this is on the grounds that Kate was self trained. The congruity utilized in this bit of music is one of the additionally intriguing components of the piece. From taking a gander at the piece it begins with a C sharp minor 7 which at that point moves to F sharp minor which could be viewed as a modular succession. From taking a gander at the score Kate likewise utilizes a run of the mill pop harmony movement I-II-V-I which is in E major and it happens to show up over a tonic bass pedal.

The tonality of this piece is particularly dependant on what part of the tune you are tuning in to. In the refrains which are bars 1-7 and bar 20-26 the key of C sharp minor. It then in the Refrain and Bridge moves to E significant which happens to b the general major of the piece

To finish up I accept that through the systems Kate Bush uses she can especially take the style of popular music and the class when all is said in done and make it her own. This is through her utilizing her own procedures