Gender Stereotypes and Sexism

Address the following for this discussion:
• How do the expectations of women differ from those of men?
• Where do these expectations of women in our culture come from?

Include ways in which gender stereotypes and sexism influence the way women are perceived and treated in society. Support your response with information from the Killing Us Softly 4 video (linked in Resources) as well as course readings.
View the video Killing Us Softly 4: Advertising’s Image of Women.

Discussion #2…Black Lives Matter Organization
Is Black Lives Matter an effective civil rights organization? Why or why not? Support your response with this week’s readings from your Taking Sides text as well as at least two scholarly journal articles published within the past 5 years.

Taking Sides text to read the following:
• “Is Black Lives Matter an Effective Civil Rights Organization?” pages 247–259.

Sample Solution

: Compare diverse hierarchical models where there has been an effect of progress on an association’s methodology and targets (Part A)

Argos was set up on thirteenth of November 1972 by Richard Tompkins, who is the organizer of the business Green shield stamps conspire, who later rebranded the business to Argos. They were right off the bat bought by BAT ventures in 1979 and was then recorded on the London stock trade in 1990. In April 1998 GUS plc purchased the organization, and Argos turned out to be a piece of the Home retail gathering. At the point when GUS split in 2006, Finally Sainsbury purchased the organization in 2016 for £1.4 billion.

Curry’s is a British electrical retailer that works in the UK and ROI and was initially claimed by Henry Curry. He sold bikes in the shop before he proceeded onward to innovation and machines. At that point Dixons Carphone purchased the spot in 1994.

Curry’s PC world choose to take their shoppers criticism essentially on issues in their business for long haul issues while Argos has chosen to have devoted groups in their business to recognize and sift through long haul issues in the business. It is a great idea to have your clients mention to you what’s going on in your business in the long haul however as I would like to think having proficient specialists that skill to recognize issues will be increasingly effective.

These organizations are both chiefly in the UK and as of late in the transient changes of the business Brexit has affected both Curry’s and Argos. Some transient changes they have done to get by through Brexit is that they considered live arrangement conversations, they needed to consider their representatives new laws could have some EU representatives in the UK to quit working, one of the fundamental things they needed to concentrate on was supplies as provisions originating from parts of the EU might be disallowed.