Global warming

Articulate a connection between the general education outcome and inconvenient truth by Al Gore

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A general education learning outcome is a statement that describes what a student should know or be able to do at the end of a general education course. General Education learning outcomes for a particular course are included in the course syllabus. An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 American

his article gears towards substantiating the claim on the importance of environmental education in building leaders for the present and future generation. It emphasis the integral role mentorship programs play in developing effective environmental leaders. These leaders should contribute to building environmentally friendly and sustainable societies in the future. Hence, the author elaborated on these through the following subheadings: overview of environmental education; concept of environmental leader; improving environmental education leadership skills, and mentoring of leaders in environmental education.

Leadership: It’s Not About You
Amy Modglin wrote an article called “Leadership: It’s Not About You,” and in this article is a little background insight on her experience as being a leader. At the beginning of possessing a leader title, Amy had thought that it was all about her and that because she had that leader title, everyone would look up to her and respect her. After a couple people, who were leaders to her, had confronted her about her leadership ability, Amy realized that her leadership style was not what she wanted it to be. She had realized that it wasn’t all about her, and that she needed to start putting the people around her, before her. Because of this eye opening experience that changed her into a great leader, she added a few suggestions that people can use to work towards valuing the people around them more at the end of her article. These suggestions include viewing your people as your biggest success, acknowledging and appreciating people, knowing your people, leaving your ego at the door, and empowering your people. All of these things can help you be the successful leader you would like to be as people will follow you and respect you.