Health Care Laws and Regulatory Issues

Research and identify one article or a current legal case within the last 3 to 5 years (e.g., an issue that went to court to have the court determine the outcome) that involves one of the following issues:

A regulatory issue in health care
A regulatory issue specific to institutional health care

Write a 350- to 700-word paper in which you:

Summarize the case or article.
Define a law involved with the chosen regulatory issue from both a state level (choose one common state) and a federal level.
Explain how and why the law was created.
Consider what you have read in the article or legal case on the selected regulatory issue, and explain the impact that regulatory issues and trends have on the health care industry.

Sample Answer

Health institutions has faced a lot of problems despite the tremendous achievement that it has accrued over time. Such problems ranges from technology, financial structures and new medicines just to mention a few


ning mercury with another metal.almost all metals structure amalgams, with the expection of iron. Amalgam is utilized in dentistry and in gold and silver mining in light of the fact that these metals promptly join with mercury.

Composite are metallic compound made out of one metal and at least one metal, or non metal component

case of regular composite include:

steel, a mix of iron(metal) and carbon (non metal)

Bronze, a mix of copper(metal) and tin (metal) and

Metal, a blend of copper(metal) and zinc(metal)


Individual unadulterated metals may forces valuable properties, for example, great electrical conductivity, high quality and hardness, or warmth and consumption obstruction

Business metal compounds endeavor to consolidate these advantageous properties so as to make a metal that is more valuable for a specific application than ny of its com[ponent components

The improvement of steels, for instance finding the correct mix of carbon and iron(about 99% iron and 1% carbon, incidentally) so as to deliver a metal that is more grounded, lighter and more useful meatl than unadulterated iron


Thousand of amalgams arrangements are in ordinary creation, while new structure are created regularly.accepted standard sythesis incorporate the virtue levels of constituent elements.themake-up, just as mechanical and physical properties for basic combination are monito

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