Health Policy Options

The U.S. spends more money per capita on healthcare when compared to other developed countries. Both state- and federal-level alternatives highlight access to care and cost of care. The ACA has impacted all health policy options. Review Case 5, “Key Features of the Affordable Care Act, by Year,” in Chapter 5 of your textbook. Then, review alternate scholarly sources (Asford’s Library or scholarly health policy journals) and discuss the following questions in a minimum of 250 words: Are the key issues of the law highlighted? Provide a rationale. What are the key changes to the implementation of the ACA over the years? What are some of the debates concerning the ACA? Provide scholarly research Organizational Strategies of Adopting Health Policies Policy adoption can be very challenging to healthcare leaders. Many organizations employ consultants to assist with the implementation of new policies. There have been significant changes to health policies over the past few years that have forced providers to institute implementation strategies, ensuring that they remain competitive and profitable. Review the “Global Medical Coverage” case (Chapter 6 ), and discuss the following questions in a minimum of 250 words: Does Blue Ridge Paper Products’ (BRPP) policy differ from a traditional employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)? What are the implications? Are there any ethical concerns in the case? Why? Why not? Did the case present a buyer-dominant or a seller-dominant approach? What important lesson(s) are learned from this case study? How would you apply this to practice?

Sample Answer

For the avoidance of doubt, the ACA stands for complete health coverage and cheaper insurance premiums. For the healthcare Industry however, whether Hospitals, Health care delivery models, Insurance Companies, Pharmaceutical and Biotech Industries, the ACA poises a huge reform in the delivery of services and products. Since its enactment in 2010, a lot of tremendous achievements can be attributed to it as it covers what really is touching to the common patients in US. This paper looks at the highs and the lows of this health policy including matters of implementation and legal issues that will be addressed in the later part of the discussion.

Sawtooth wave alludes to a wave structure with its ascent time being commonly longer than relating fall time or fall time longer when contrasted with the ascent time.

Sawtooth waveform can be likewise produced by a deviated astable multivibrator followed by an integrator. The sawtooth wave generators have wide application in time-base generators and heartbeat width tweak circuits.

The contrast between the triangular wave and sawtooth waveform is that the ascent time of triangular wave is constantly equivalent to its fall of time while in generator, rise time might be a lot higher than its fall of time.

Sawtooth Wave Generator :

The distinction between the triangular and sawtooth waveforms is that the ascent time of the triangular wave is constantly equivalent to fall time. That is, a similar measure of time is required for the triangular wave to swing from - Vramp to + Vramp as from + Vramp to - Vramp .

Then again, sawtooth waveform has inconsistent ascent time and fall time. The triangular waveform generator can be changed over into sawtooth wave structure generator by infusing a variable dc voltage into the non-transforming terminal of the integrator. This can be cultivated by utilizing the potentiometer (pot) and interfacing it to +VCC and - VEE as appeared in the figure.

Contingent upon the pot setting ,a specific dc level is embedded in the yield of the integrator. The obligation cycle of the square-wave will be controlled by the extremity and plentifulness of this dc level.

An obligation cycle under half will at that point cause the yield of integrator to be a sawtooth. With the wiper at the focal point of the pot , the yield of integrator is a triangular wave.

For some other situation of Pot , the yield is a sawtooth waveform. Explicitly as the pot variable is moved towards - VEE , the ascent time of the sawtooth wave turns out to be longer than the fall time