• What causes this disease?

• How is it transmitted if it is transmittable?

• What are the symptoms?

• What are the treatments/cures?

• What parts of the world is the disease found?

• Other general information

Sample Answer

HIV is a virus that damages the immune system, which is the body`s defense mechanism against diseases by killing CD4 cells. AIDS on the other hand is a disease that comes about as a result of HIV. Most medical professionals have described AIDS as an advanced stage of HIV. Today, HIV/AIDS is one of killer diseases with more casualties worldwide. HIV/AIDS is transferred from an infected person to another through body fluids like blood, semen, vaginal fluids, rectal fluids, breast milk and pre-seminal fluids. HIV/AIDS has several signs and symptoms that serve as a pointer to its contraction, though its important to seek the opinion of medical expert before arriving at a conclusive conclusion.

General wellbeing is "the science and craft of forestalling infection, dragging out life and advancing human wellbeing through composed endeavors and educated decisions regarding society, associations, open and private, networks and people". (Winslow 1920: 183) The field of general wellbeing is worried about securing the strength of whole populaces and does this by dissecting the soundness of these and dangers presenting to hurt it. (Winslow 1920: 183ff)

Burkle (2007) characterizes general wellbeing crises as those

"that unfavorably sway the general wellbeing framework as well as its defensive foundation (ie, water, sanitation, cover, nourishment, fuel, and wellbeing), bringing about both immediate and aberrant results to the soundness of a populace, and happen when this defensive limit is missing, decimated, overpowered, not recouped or kept up, or denied to populaces." (Burkle 2007: 291)

These occasions all have the capability of being damage making as well as potential disease making. There can be a few main considerations that advance, quicken, or push a catastrophe occasion toward turning into a general wellbeing crisis. This can be identified with the current general wellbeing foundation, prior geological debacle, populace size, and ecological conditions. (Burkel, Greenough 2008: 193)

Additionally, Internal wars, are one kind of these mind boggling crises. They are politically roused debacles that can bring about significant levels of brutality, regular citizen passings, ethnic purging and massacre, and general wellbeing disasters. In the twentieth century, more individuals were executed by powers from inside their own nation than all things considered. Passings coming about because of decimation and ethnic purifying came essentially from direct vicious acts in, for example, in Rwanda, Cambodia, Sudan, Bosnia, and Kosovo. Notwithstanding, in delayed lower level clashes, disavowal of general wellbeing security as in nourishment, water, wellbeing, and safe house, have brought about an expanding example of backhanded mortality and grimness. Moreover, circuitous passings from war-exacerbated ailing health and malady surpassed fight passings by an enormous edge among the regular citizen populace, particularly inside uprooted individuals and outcasts. (Burkel, Greenough 2008: 196) All prompting general wellbeing crises.