Homeland Security and International Relations

1.How have foreign governments responded to the threat of radicalization?
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2.What are strategies to integrate immigrants into a new country that may help against radicalization?

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Radicalization refers to the process of adopting an extremist belief system, including the. willingness to use, support, or facilitate violence, as a method to effect a given change be it social, economic or even political. The emergence of radical groups have caused fear and threat to humanity at large as there emergence continues to cause deaths and destruction of properties. The affected nations cannot therefore stand alone in fight of the organized radical groups and such the collectivity and unity of nations through United Nations umbrella often work together to counteract their malicious practices. This paper will envisage the role that has been critically played by foreign government is in fight against radicalism.

Every individual has their own concept of who a perfect individual is. With regards to this exposition, the parts of this individual would follow their character or character, as opposed to their circumstance, cash, age, and other ordinary points of interest. We regularly hold up individuals, for example, Jesus, Buddha, Prophet Muhammad, Mother Mary, and other critical figures of history as instances of perfect individuals. Notwithstanding, how regularly do we stop and reflect about who this individual is as far as our own point of view? Flawlessness is progressively conceptual, and a perfect is increasingly objective; in this way, that is the reason I have not utilized "great." Anyways, the perfect individual to you ought to be the manner in which you would need to be as to character or character.

In reflecting upon this point for a couple of days, I thought of the accompanying rundown of attributes:

Consistently watches what's going on outside of oneself, and inside oneself, without response. This individual is constantly an observer to their feelings, activities, musings, and physical upgrades. The entirety of their activities and non-activities are done in the condition of being an observer. They are never done severely, begrudge, desire, insatiability, pride, anxiety, connection, desire, vanity, or weakness. Continually seeing, this individual never feels the impact of antagonism, yet rather encounters life as neglectful mindfulness, where cynicism is nonexistent. In the condition of unadulterated seeing, sense of self and molding doesn't show up. Along these lines, this individual has no personality or conditionings.

After I portrayed this state, I felt that everything else I expressed was either a consolidation of it, or impractical through the demonstration of unadulterated seeing. In any case, to defend that this individual doesn't do any insidious, here are more characteristics to consider:

Pardoning of everybody and everything, including oneself. In this absolution, this individual acknowledges reality all things considered.

Is helpful, not ruinous, in their activities, discourse, and conduct.

Is constantly blameless in activities, discourse, and conduct.

Is continually cherishing and merciful.

Continuously keeps up a sound body and psyche.

Is consistently content with oneself, and content with everybody and everything.

Subsequent to recording these seven characteristics, my cerebrum couldn't concoct whatever else. Be that as it may, I can explain why the six extra attributes are significant.

For the subsequent quality, I accept absolution is basic to having a reasonable personality and still, small voice. In the event that we hold feelings of spite against individuals, we not just upset our association with them, we additionally cause ourselves to be genuinely stung. We frequently commit errors also, and having the option to excuse ourselves is vital to having a solid association with what we consider to be us.

The third one isn't the most straightforward to characterize, however I believe that being valuable isn't making any mischief anybody—including ourselves. It appears if everybody kept this standard, the world would immediately turn into a thriving spot. We regularly do ruinous activities without knowing or considering over them. Sadly, many reason languishing over others and themselves intentionally.

Honesty is likewise not easy to characterize, however it can likewise identify with not purposefully being of mischief and furthermore communicating kid like characteristics. Individuals regard youngsters and love them for their properties of honesty and straightforwardness. It isn't equivalent to obliviousness, yet rather a sweetness, marvel, and happiness.

At the point when we consider individuals like Jesus and Buddha, we normally picture them as continually being merciful and adoring. In spite of the fact that this may seem like a hippy theory, I think it is a fundamental nature of a perfect individual. Harboring disdain and outrage towards someone else would corrupt a perfect person's brain.

Having a sound body and brain appears as though presence of mind angles to list, yet when individuals consider prophets and such individuals, they frequently don't consider commonplace characteristics, for example, this. Despite the fact that the perfect individual would consistently be in the observer state, the person in question would take care that their body is spotless and that their psyche is away from clutter.

Ultimately, this extraordinary individual ought to consistently find a sense of contentment with oneself, and with others, as there ought not be any negative response to what others state or do. Being content with oneself is additionally basic to being perfect, as I would see it.

We as a whole have our own ideas about who a perfect individual would be in the event that we were left to our own gadgets. I have attempted my best to contemplate about this individual, and compose what appeared to be generally valid. I trust it has been helpful and moving to peruse.

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The end of world war two created a hallmark for the united states as it emerged the biggest winner. Crowned as the world super power, the US has remained strong and to the task with a booming and strong economy to undisputed strong army and endowed intellectualism of