Immigration in the United States

“What impact does immigration have on the U.S. economy?” Economic theory points to possible effects on the employment and wages of domestic workers, U.S. trade with other countries, the size and growth rate of the economy, and the prices that Americans pay for goods and services.

Sample Answer

Immigration to the US has become a bone of contention and consequently the subject of political debate regarding the immigration laws and enforcement. These debates would appear to stem mainly from the views which differ on the impacts of these immigration to one of the strongest economies of in the planet if not strong. Economist on the other hand are concerned with a looming crisis when the expenditure becomes more on the immigrant population as a result to provisions and amenities that are employed more often. This kind of issues have impacted the debate on the impact such activity has on the US economy that faces stiff competition from quickly industrializing nations like China ad Russia. Therefore, it is at the courtesy of this paper to dig deeper and finer the details related to this activity.

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