In the Lake of the Woods

While In the Lake of the Woods is a fictional novel, “The Vietnam in Me” is a non-fiction article.

What’s the difference between fiction and non-fiction?
How does this difference help us correctly understand and interpret these two texts?
Questions to Guide Your Analysis
As you read “The Vietnam in Me,” how does it help you to understand the article to know that this article is a non-fiction account of Tim O’Brien’s life experiences?
What are some of the main ideas that O’Brien tries to convey in this article?
How might these ideas help us read and understand O’Brien’s novel, In the Lake of the Woods?
As you begin reading the novel, In the Lake of the Woods, notice the instructions in the title/dedication pages: “Although this book contains material from the world in which we live, including references to actual places, people, and events, it must be read as a work of fiction.”
Why, do you suppose, is it so important to O’Brien that we read the book “as a work of fiction”?
How do we read fiction differently from non-fiction?
Use at least one direct quotation from these texts to illustrate your analysis
Explain your interpretation thoroughly

Sample Solution

evaluated CVD hazard abberations among ethnic minorities are inferable from incongruities in event of upsetting life occasions.

The point of this examination was to explore the event of distressing life occasions between ethnic gatherings, and its impact on the relationship among ethnicity and assessed CVD hazard.


The information has been acquired during the multi-ethnic Healthy Life in a Urban Setting (HELIUS) study. HELIUS is a huge scale planned companion study did in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The points of the HELIUS study have been depicted by Stronks et al. (2013). In a nutshell, the essential point of the HELIUS study is to unwind the inconsistent weight of sickness between ethnic gatherings. Members matured 18-70, were haphazardly examined and stratified by ethnicity by means of the district register. By means of survey and physical assessment, information of members with Dutch, Turkish, Moroccan, Surinamese and Ghanaian source, living in Amsterdam had been gotten.


The ethnicity of members had been characterized by the nation of birth of the member and that of his/her folks. Members were characterized as of non-Dutch ethnic starting point in the event that he/she satisfied one of two criteria: (1) he/she was brought into the world outside the Netherlands and has at any rate one parent brought into the world outside the Netherlands (original), or (2) he/she was conceived in the Netherlands however the two guardians were brought into the world outside the Netherlands (second era). Members with Surinamese foundation, were additionally arranged by self-revealed ethnic inception into ‘African’, ‘South-Asian’ or ‘other’. Members were characterized as of Dutch birthplace if the individual and the two guardians were conceived in the Netherlands.

Evaluated cardiovascular hazard

Cardiovascular hazard was evaluated utilizing the CVD chance calculation as of now utilized in Dutch essential consideration. This calculation depends on the SCORE calculation for okay nations,