Is Google Making Us Stupid? by Nicholas Carr

Write an essay disagreeing or agreeing with Carr's theory. He argues that Google and the Internet, more generally is hurting our ability to read "deeply'. I agree because people rely to much on the internet and don't want to actually think. And you can write about why you agree with him and about the article.

Sample Answer

Since the dawn of technology, the concern about the effects it had on the human mind has always been present. For instance, Socrates expressed this concern in his “Phaedrus” when he wrote about how the invention of books makes the soul forgetful. He warned that the new generation of readers was blindly putting their trust in external written sources and that the library was responsible for promoting this notion. The same sentiments that were pronounced by classical thinkers like Socrates have been echoed by Nicholas Carr with relevance to the technology and its advancements to communication surfaces whereupon google and internet are found. This discussion will portray and deeply discuss the impacts of internet and the actual thinking as much of  its conformity with Carr’s ideology.

The Darkest Hour is a Dramatic History film, discharged in 2017, which investigates the narrative of Prime Minister Winston Churchill, at the slope of World War II, as he faces one of the most fierce preliminaries: revitalizing his country to battle for the opportunity against Hitler and his Nazi Germany Aggression.

During his time, Churchill was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from1940-1945, and afterward again chose into office in 1951-1955. The Darkest Hour centers around the length of the tenth of May 1940, to the 30th of May 1940. All through this time, the most significant key occasions the motion picture digs into was the tenth of May, with Churchill being accepted into office, while Germany attacks Holland, Belgium, and Luxembourg, sixteenth of May 1940, with the clash of France starting and French and British fighters yielding to the shoreline of Dunkirk, lastly the 25th of May 1940, the effective clearing of 338,000 soldiers being spared, 198,000 British and 140,000 French and Belgian soldiers. In any case, contrasting this with history, how precisely is this data spoken to in the motion picture?

In this appraisal, I considered and examined the suggested conversation starter;

How exact is the motion picture The Darkest Hour (2017) in its depiction of Winston Churchill's reaction to Nazi Germany's animosity in Europe from 10-30 May 1940?

In the wake of leading exploration and diving into the historical backdrop of Britain's World War 2 I found the appropriate response that:

While the motion picture Darkest Hour supplies extra engaging fiction, the portrayal of Winston Churchill's reaction to Nazi Germany's animosity is exact as far as Churchill's headways and choices, his open help, and the impression of his enthusiastic reaction in the general population eye.

Right off the bat, the film is for the most part exact in its portrayal of Winston Churchill's headways and choices in the war as Prime Minister of Britain, resisting his first ord