“Leadership” and “management”.

Discuss the distinction between "leadership" and "management".

Sample Answer

The two words leadership and management have always been confused and used interchangeable. To be sure, many researchers conforms or looks at management as precisely concerned with utilization of resources and keeping track of the progress of any organization that one is in. On the other hand, leadership concerns itself with how one can influence or rather impact the behavior of those who surrounds him or her. This in turn can result into a good outlook per work or quality performance improved as a result. This paper will robustly discuss in details, the existing difference that exist between the two words yet almost similar in the same time.


The wellbeing and social consideration field is confronting the absolute greatest difficulties for quite a long time. Demographically this is on the grounds that more individuals are falling prey to evolving condition, denied economy, social components, expanded populace, way of life changes, early mortality and so forth. The examination has given numerous advantages in revelation of new medicines and innovations utilized in human services. It can improve the wellbeing result to people which thus diminishes the weight on the medicinal services.

In 1953 Andhra Pradesh was first framed on a phonetic premise via cutting it out from Madras territory. In 1956 later it was converged with telugu talking region of Hyderabad state to frame an Andhra Pradesh State. So as to keep alive the enthusiasm of the Telegu individuals, Amarajeevi Potti Sriramulu kept weight on the Madras Presidency government to give an ear to open interest for the different Telugu talking state (Rayalaseema and beach front Andhra) to frame another Andhra state. With unbreakable assurance he went on a quick, and possibly halted when executive Jawaharlal Nehru vowed to shape new Andhra State. On the 12 PM of 15 December (for example Mid 16 December 1952), Potti Sriramulu kicked the bucket and relinquished his life attempting to accomplish the state. Throughout the entire existence of this telugu state on the eighteenth Feb 2014 Lok Shabha of India favoring the development of Telangana with ten locale.

In India, Andhra Pradesh is one of the populated state as a result of its development and its geographically close to the ocean coast. In India, Andhra Pradesh is one of the populated state due to its development and its geographically close to the ocean coast. The Census throughout the year has seen the state develop consistently in the terms of populace. It is situated in the southern locale of the nation, the state imparts its limits to Orissa, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The capital of the state is the lively city of Hyderabad that has seen the standard of Nizams for quite a while. Andhra Pradesh has been perhaps the most established state in the nation and discovers its place in numerous old works of Literature. As indicated by 2011 enumeration, the number of inhabitants in Andhra Pradesh is 84 million. The development pace of the populace is about 11% which is beneath the national normal. The state has seen the quicker development in the details of Technological foundation, common works and furthermore created in areas like IT and Telecom.

The state has tiled over a region of 275000 sq km and has numerous spots of key and social proof. It has added to have the significant spot for Worship, for example, World acclaimed god, Tirupati balaji. Andhra Pradesh has a populace thickness of 308 which is beneath the national normal. In 2011, the education rate is 67% while contrasted with national normal of about 74% and a reason for intrigue is given. Andhra Pradesh have the best ports in the nation with respect to Trade.