Leadership failure

Is the main reason of company failure due to leadership failure? Or Is it due to complacency problem, fear for change ,lack of hungry spirit, bureaucratic red tape, big is ugly, dis-economy scale or lack of micro management, a failure to adapt to changing technology?

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Section – 1


Presentation Chapter-1


The primary point of this entrance is to give a stage to 'little scale business' proportional up and help them to deal with their organizations in more compose and successful manner and to give wide scope of real items contributions to clients over the globe from the Indian Gruh Udyog.

There are numerous little scale business in city. "Gruh Udyog" speak to the Business of Homemade and Handmade Products, Indian Snacks, Farsan and Namkeen, Sweets (Mithai), Local Foodmakers, Local Shops, Cottage Industry, Handicraft Industry, Art and Craft Products, Artisans and Homemakers items and a lot more organizations.

These organizations are profoundly chaotic in India, however having enormous degree for stack holders to go on the web and advance their contributions over the globe.


' Provide a stage to little scale business, so they can scale up their business.

' Provide wide scope of bona fide items contributions to clients over the globe from the Indian Gruh Udyog.

' The entry give a route to this 'chaotic' little scale business, So they can oversee in more compose and successful way.


This task means to give a stage to 'little scale business' proportional up and help them to deal with their organizations in more sort out and successful path and to give wide scope of true items contributions to clients over the globe from the Indian Gruh Udyog.


' By utilizing entrance, merchants can draw in more clients for their contributions and achieve most significant level of client's certainty and trust.

' Aim of this entrance is to give Seller a stage to scale up and help them to deal with their organizations in more sort out and viable path and to give wide scope of true items contributions to clients over the globe from the Indian Gruh Udyog.


1.5.1 Technologies:

' J2EE (Servlet, JSP, JDBC), HTML, XML, Java Script, AJAX, MySQL.

' Server : Tomcat

' Backend server: MYSQL

' Editor: Netsbeans.

1.5.2 Literature audit:

In this task we have utilized Java Technology (JSP and Servlet) because of the great highlights that it encourages with. The other innovation utilized is My SQL Server to keep up the records and information. The blend of the two makes the venture simple to plan and additionally alluring for the clients to utilize.

About JSP/Servlet Framework:

The Java Server Pages innovation empowers you to create dynamic web content, for example, HTML, DHTML, XHTML, and XML records, to remember for a Web application. JSP documents are one approach to actualize server-side powerful page content. JSP documents permit a Web server, for example, Apache Tomcat, to add content progressively to your HTML pages before they are sent to a mentioning program.

At the point when you convey a JSP record to a Web server that gives a servlet motor, it is preprocessed into a servlet that sudden spikes in demand for the Web server. This is conversely with customer side JavaScript (inside <SCRIPT> labels), which is run in a program. A JSP page is perfect for assignments that are more qualified to execution on the server, for example, getting to databases or calling Enterprise Java beans.JSP innovation empowers quick advancement of electronic applications that are server and stage autonomous.

JSP Technology in the Java EE 5 Platform The focal point of Java EE 5 has been simplicity of advancement by utilizing Java language explanations that were presented by J2SE 5.0. JSP 2.1 backings this objective by characterizing comments for reliance infusion on JSP label handlers and setting audience members.

A Servlet is a Java-based server-side web innovation. Actually, a Servlet is a Java class in Java EE that complies with the Java Servlet API, a convention by which a Java class may react to asks for. Servlet could on a basic level convey over any client'server convention, however they are regularly utilized with the HTTP convention. In this manner, "Servlet" is frequently utilized in the significance of "HTTP Servlet".

Fig ' 1 (a): JSP/Servlet Framework

The MySQL Database controls the most requesting Web, E-trade and Online Transaction Processing (OLTP) applications. It is a completely coordinated exchange protected, ACID agreeable database with full submit, rollback, crash recuperation and column level locking capacities. MySQL conveys the convenience, adaptability, and execution that has made MySQL the world's most well known open source database. A portion of the world's most well known sites like Facebook, Google and eBay depend on MySQL for their business basic application.

MySQL is a RDBMS and boats with no GUI devices to direct MySQL databases or oversee information contained inside the databases. The official arrangement of MySQL front-end apparatuses, MySQL Workbench is effectively created by Oracle, and is unreservedly accessible for use.

Advancements to be utilized:

' J2EE

J2EE is a stage free, Java-driven condition from Sun for creating, assembling and sending Web-based undertaking applications on the web. The J2EE stage comprises of a lot of administrations, APIs, and conventions that give the usefulness to creating multitier, Web-based applications.


Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the principle markup language for showing pages and other data that can be shown in an internet browser.

' JavaScript

It is a programming language that is generally used to give modern usefulness to site pages. It is considered as customer side scripting language.

' JQuery

It is a JavaScript system

Apparatuses to be utilized:

' Netsbeans

It is a multi-language programming advancement condition involving a coordinated improvement condition (IDE). It very well may be utilized to create applications in Java and, by methods for different modules.


It is the world's most utilized open source social database the board framework (RDBMS). It is a well known decision of database for use in web applications, and is a focal segment of the broadly utilized LAMP open source web application programming stack (and other 'AMP' stacks).

' Apache Tomcat

It is server instrument which can be utilized to run jsp and java servlets.


The Java Development Kit (JDK) is an Oracle Corporation item focused on Java designers. Since the presentation of Java, it has been by a wide margin the most broadly utilized Java Software Development Kit (SDK).

Section – 2


Task MANAGEMENT Chapter-2


2.1.1 Project Development Approach And Justification

' A task arranging is an improvement system that is utilized to accomplish an objective that fulfills the necessities maintaining the imperatives. There are numerous kinds of programming process models like straight successive model, RAD model, steady model, winding model and so on. By this procedure model we can without much of a stretch make a decent anticipating the task.

' As we taking a shot at an online venture and we have a period of 1 year, we are utilizing the winding model so fundamental administrations can be included with time and essential changes can be applied.

Figure-2(a) Spiral Model

2.1.2 Phase of Spiral Model:

After the commencement arrange, the task is wanted to a suitable degree of detail. The principle reason for existing is to design time, cost and assets satisfactorily to evaluate the work required and to successfully oversee chance during venture execution. Similarly as with the Initiation procedure gathering, an inability to sufficiently design significantly diminishes the venture's odds of effectively achieving its objectives. Task arranging by and large comprises of

' Determining how to design.

' Selecting the arranging group.

' Estimating time and cost for exercises.

' Developing the calendar.

' Developing the spending limit.

' Risk arranging.

2.1.2 Project Plan

' Requirement Gathering and investigation: All potential necessities of the framework to be created are caught in this stage and archived in a prerequisite particular doc.

' System Design: The prerequisite particulars from first stage are examined in this stage and framework configuration is readied. Framework Design helps in indicating equipment and framework necessities and furthermore helps in characterizing generally speaking framework engineering.

' Implementation: With contributions from framework plan, the framework is first created in quite a while called units, which are incorporated in the following stage. Every unit is created and tried for its usefulness which is alluded to as Unit Testing.

' Integration and Testing: All the units created in the execution stage are incorporated into a framework subsequent to testing of every unit. Post mix the whole framework is tried for any issues and disappointments.

' Deployment of framework: Once the utilitarian and non useful testing is done, the item is conveyed in the client condition or discharged into the market.

' Maintenance: There are a few issues which come up in the customer condition. To fix those issues patches are discharged. Likewise to upgrade the item some better forms are discharged. Upkeep is done to convey these adjustments in the client condition.

Undertaking Schedule Representation:

Figure-2(b) Project Schedule Chart

2.1.3 Group Dependency

The colleagues are liable for all documentation to be created and for all the work to be finished. As we are two colleague for this venture advancement, parcel of undertaking work is similarly done between both. For better advancement of a task, inner and outer guide helped me.

2.1.4 Roles And Responsibilities

Table 2.2 Roles and Responsibilities


Examination Manendrasingh Yadav and Ronak Yadav

Database Design Manendrasingh Yadav and Ronak Yadav

Page Design Manendrasingh Yadav and Ronak Yadav

Coding Ronak Yadav and Manendrasingh Yadav

Testing Ronak Yadav and Manendrasingh Yadav

Affirmation and Enhancement Manendrasingh Yadav and Ronak Yadav


The Following is the Risk Management study report, which is under taken for the necessity discernibility instruments.


Hazard recognizable proof is the main phase of