Leadership styles

Compare and contrast the leadership styles of 2 current leaders in the business industry
1. What makes them effective leaders?
2. How do they increase motivation within their organization?
3. How will they be remembered in business history?
4. How did they use their communication skills to gain support for their ideas?
5. What are some of the techniques they use for problem-solving, generating alternative solutions, and effective bias-free decision making?

Sample Answer

A leadership style is a leader’s method of providing direction, implementing plans, and motivating people. Various authors have proposed identifying many different leadership styles as exhibited by leaders in the political, business or other fields (Walker, 2019). To promote effective leadership,

John Adams

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John Adams (1735-1826) was the second leader of the United States. Be that as it may, what amount does a normal individual think about him? In the accompanying passages, we will investigate his initial years, his association in the American Revolution, his conciliatory missions to Europe, his administration, and his works.

The subsequent president was conceived in Massachusetts in the city of Braintree (presently Quincey) on October 30th, 1735 to John and Susanna Boylston Adams. He was the oldest of three children, and his dad was a shoemaker and rancher who was additionally a congregational elder and a piece of the neighborhood government (History).

Youthful Adams was a magnificent understudy and moved on from Harvard College in 1755. In the wake of graduating, he was an instructor for various years, while additionally contemplating law with a lawyer in Worcester, Massachusetts. In 1758, Adams began his law vocation, and rose through the positions to turn into a notable lawyer (History).

Each effective man must wed, as is commonly said. Adams got hitched to Abigail Smith (1744-1818) in 1764. She was a pastor’s little girl, and they in the long run had six kids together. Through letters sent to and fro between the couple while Adams was going in Europe, it is realized that Abigail was a judicious counsel of Adams and that she molded his vocation (History).

Adams was an early challenger of British guideline over pioneer America. He perceived how the British forced assessments and levies as abuse, and inferred that America should remain without anyone else. He was a straightforward pundit of the Stamp Act in 1765, which constrained a duty on authoritative records, papers, and playing a game of cards. Moreover, Adams was against the Townshend Acts of 1767, which forced taxes on different merchandise that were imported to America (History).

Quick forward to 1774, and Adams was an agent in the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia. In the next year, Adams was additionally an agent for the Continental Congress, and he named George Washington to be the leader of the pilgrim powers in the American Revolutionary War (1775-83). Additionally significant, as a representative, he assigned Thomas Jefferson to draft the Declaration of Independence (History).

Beginning from 1778, Adams was sent to Paris to recover help for the settlers. In the following year, he returned to America to take a shot at the Massachusetts Constitution, which some state is the most seasoned enduring constitution that is recorded. Another feature of his discretionary vocation was in 1783, when he assisted with arranging the Treaty of Paris, which put in paper the finish of the assaults between U.S. what’s more, British powers. Backtracking a piece, Adams additionally filled in as the American priest to France in 1776 (History). Another key note in his resume is that he was the primary minister to Britain, from 1785 to 1788.

Subsequent to returning to America after his job as diplomat to Britain had finished, he assigned George Washington to be the first U.S. president. Moreover, he campaigned to be the main VP, as in those occasions, the race for president and VP was done independently. In any case, Adams did little from 1789 to 1797, and noticed that the job of VP was for the most part formal. However, when Washington resigned in 1796, Adams competed for the administration and won against Thomas Jefferson, who thus turned into the VP (History).

In contrast to Washington, who was not worried about remote undertakings, Adams’ administration started in March of 1797 with issues with outside forces. Specifically, American exchange was getting influenced by the war among France and Britain. In spite of the fact that Adams sent a designation to France in 1797, France would not see them and rather requested a tremendous pay off. Adams declined to offer the incentive, and from this demonstration, Adams’ ubiquity as president developed. Be that as it may, strains among France and the U.S. extended, and a maritime war between the two nations continued for a long time beginning from 1798. A harmony bargain was marked on 1800, however (History).

In the last part of his administration, he passed dubious acts called the Alien and Sedition Acts in 1798. They were laws that requested foe outsiders to be extradited and that permitted individuals who gave indications of eagerly contradicting the legislature to be captured. Thomas Jefferson, and individuals attached to him, firmly assaulted the law, thus did the overall public. They dreaded they would have been put under the hold of another severe government. This cost Adams his re-appointment in 1800 (History).

Following Adams’ administration, he composed numerous books, articles, and letters for the following 25 years. In spite of the fact that his significant other passed on in 1818, he saw his child, John Quincy Adams, ascend to the administration in 1824. John Adams died on July fourth, 1826, with these final words, “Thomas Jefferson despite everything endures,” not realizing that Jefferson died prior that morning (History).

Since you know his essential course of events, here are some fascinating realities about his life that isn’t notable. During the Boston Massacre in March of 1770, Adams spoke to the British officers who killed five pilgrims as a lawyer to guarantee that they would get a reasonable preliminary. Another fascinating point is that Adams had composed more than 1,000 letters, which are saved right up ’til today. A large number of them are kept in touch with his better half, anyway many are likewise kept in touch with Thomas Jefferson, who was his adversary, yet they later began to imparting normally in their senior years. Of further intrigue, Adams was the primary president to live in the White House, as it was not manufactured at this point in George Washington’s time (History Stories).

I trust this has been an interesting and useful investigate America’s subsequent president. His political profession was dubious, yet with his principled activities and straightforward way to deal with international strategy, he cleared extraordinary streets into the American route as we probably am aware it today.


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